Astrology Natal Chart Analysis

horoscope-96309_1280Lee Mitchell has been analyzing charts since she was in college. In her 30’s, she was fortunate enough to study with a teacher in Sarasota, Florida for almost a year. There she started her solid foundation of the study and interpretation of the energies of the planets and the weights they carry for us in our solar system.

Today, she combines her knowledge of astrology with the years of experience she has had with past life paths for us as souls.

For example, in the analysis of your natal chart, Lee will explain how the importance of the placement of Saturn in your chart plus its ruler, Capricorn, tells you what you most recently have experienced in your most recent past life and how it is guiding you in your soul’s path in your current life.

Lee will discuss with you the placement of the north and south nodes in your chart to explain what you are working on today for the growth of your soul, and what you have most recently experienced in your challenge to expand your soul’s growth.

She will also delve into Chiron, an asteroid, on your chart to explain where your soul is wounded and what it is constantly trying to heal for itself in this life and in past lives.

Finally, Lee will give you the complete breakdown of all the personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in your chart to tell you why you make the choices and decisions you do and why you do them just the way you do.

The generational planets such as Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are also very interestingly placed in all our houses to show us how we are effected by the times we live in.

Lee will describe to you the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western hemispheres of your chart and how your planets are assorted in those areas. These placements will tell you if you are here to work in groups, and the public, or if you are better to do things individually in your life for best results.

These are just some of the details the one hour session will entail, as well as receiving a copy of your chart, and a Zoom recording of Lee’s hour long discussion for you to refer to for future reflection.

All of this information is available for a fee of $175.00.

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