Past Life Regression

The Time Has Come …

Regression work’s time has come. More and more people see the use of it, and supposedly all the earth bound souls are seeing our energy ascend to a higher vibration at this time. Meaning, many more people can understand the help that looking at a past life can bring.

What is past life regression therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy accesses the subconscious mind which knows all your past lives. Along with your higher self and your divine spirit guides, you can discover clarity and healing for your soul in answers to:

  • Overcoming your fears to achieve happiness and joy in your present life
  • Chronic physical ailments and illness
  • Your true career path for success
  • Satisfying personal relationships
  • Your soul’s trajectory over many lives
  • Your current life’s goals

Often called transpersonal hypnotherapy because there is a metaphysical and spiritual component. Clients experience themselves from the soul level, where the core of our being resides.  In regression hypnotherapy, any desired present-life alteration stems from a conscious and unconscious process led by the client’s higher self and their team of spiritual guides and teachers.

Do You Have Unfinished Business from a past lifetime?

We find that past lives will repeat themselves in relationships and actions in our present lives.  Once we are able to view them and understand the emotions and interactions behind them, we are better able to release them and achieve more fully why we are here in our present soul path.

Past Life Sessions


Photo from Dr. Michael Newton’s book “Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression”

Using the tried and proven techniques of hypnotherapy,  Lee will relax you to an Alpha Brainwave state from a resting Beta brainwave state. You will see a complete past life to answer your questions on personal fears, career success, personal relationships, phobias, and your soul’s path. You will meet your spirit guides, ascended masters, and family guides who are not incarnate. You will listen to their messages for you that will resonate with your divine self. The session is recorded via Zoom and emailed to you upon completion so you can further review the discoveries made. 

Most frequently asked questions about past life regression…




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