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The Heart of Your Soul

The Heart of Your Soul February 15, 2019

I want to talk about my favorite subject, the Soul, and it’s true “love”. It can also be expressed as its true “Personality”. This drive, that we all have as souls, follows us from life to life.

To give you some examples. I have worked with so many clients that I am starting to see certain patterns that replay themselves in our soul’s path over and over. When I meet a healer, meaning a client who practices Reiki, has a massage business, is a hypnotherapist, an accupuncturist, a therapist, a counselor, or even a herbalist; we generally will view a life as a healer in an earlier time during our past life session. They might see a past life as the town sage, birthing babies and putting herbal potions on wounds. We might even venture into a past life as a medicine man or woman in a Native American past life. Many times we will see lives in earlier times where they were teaching others how to mix the herbs and to save lives, often times risking their own safety because they were thought of as a “witch.”

This is the true love of the soul involved and it becomes their “personality” to return in a capacity to help and heal others. It is what brings the most joy and satisfaction to the soul. Each soul grows more and more through the healing modality they choose so that they can help others more and more.

Another soul path I see is one of service. Many times it is a man in this life, but I have seen woman play this role as well. The soul has been a soldier as far back as the Roman times. The soul believes it is helping its country by serving, and many times giving of its life, to win battles for its country. So we might see several lives as a soldier in a quick span of time to help the client understand their role over a long period of time. As the client sees more recent lives in more modern times, they might see working for the government in a capacity beyond being a soldier, but still serving their country.

They are strong souls that just don’t care to come back if they cannot be of service to others, and exhibit bravery we can all admire. But other roles are important as well. For instance, I see many health related roles that people play today. Nurses, medical staff, medical field suppliers, and more that have always stayed in the medical world for lifetimes. They are here to make a difference and to help save lives. Their hearts are usually very big and have genuine love for patients, the elderly, and the disadvantaged. I can say that Dan, my partner, falls into that category as well as my dear friend, Michele.

But, whatever the role, it can be in business, in the nature field, in the teaching field, or even in care-taking of children, souls like to repeat over and over their roles in lives to get better and better at what they do.

That is why you may see a very young person act so mature and adult in a crisis. That soul has been there and done that many, many times before. Once, I helped a friend of mine who had cut himself on his dining table when the heavy glass top broke and cut his hand. I quickly ask for a sheet to be cut in strips and began wrapping it, expertly I might add, around his cut hand. He had to have some stitches later, but the bandaged definitely helped til he could get medical attention.

Where did that come from? I had no knowledge of how to do that, but I just sprang into action like I had done this many times before. I have seen a past life as a healer back in the 1400’s, but who knows how many times I have been involved in a healing life.

Just know you are here for a reason. A very special reason, and your soul won’t let you get too far from your path. When you feel those “strings” pulling you in a direction, please go. When you get this “Knudge”, it is your higher consciousness pulling the puppet strings. It knows what you are good at and what you came to get better at during your present life. Let those gut feelings come through and act on them. Those are love strings leading you all the way.

Know that we all have special abilities and don’t be afraid of letting them show. I worked with a wonderful client this week who was back for a second session because she felt she was disconnecting to that higher consciousness she felt from the first session. She told me at the end of the session that she is different than her friends and her family, and she feels she has to hide who she truly is to them. We saw a very strong and independent woman in one of her past lives.

Meanwhile, she is helping a young man many miles away in prison by counciling him over the phone, she is raising a family on her own, and she is being a teacher to college students. She chooses to be happily single and have quiet time alone many days. She is living a life of service daily and following her soul’s path to help others. Her path may not be the one all her friends and family think she should be on, but it is the soul’s “personality” that she is following.

The love of the Soul is very strong, and it won’t let you walk away from what you are truly here to be accomplishing. Believe in your Abilities and trust that your “Personality” wants you to Happy and Love your life while still Learning and Growing in your Abilities!

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you, Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……

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