The Soul’s Journey

157_Book_CoverLee Mitchell’s latest book, “The Soul’s Journey, Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love’s Triumph” contains stories of healing the wounds and trauma of this life and past lives.  “Listen in” on past life regression therapy facilitated by Lee and guided by the clients’ spirit guides and higher soul self.

Experience channeling from Ascended Beings on our future and our paths.  You will discover cases of souls as Elementals, Light Beings, and Amphibious Beings from a Water Civilization over 100,000 years ago on Earth!

In this book, Lee delves into cases she has experienced over the last five years that help relieve:
•    Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia
•    Attachments and the energy drain they have
•    Feeling “Stuck” in life
•    Sexual abuse in present and past lives
•    Physical wounds and the past life trauma that caused them
•    Traumatic painful relationships
•    Feeling like you are from another home than Earth

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