How Does It Work

Lee has discovered, with her experience,  that past lives will repeat themselves in relationships and actions in our present lives.  Through Lee facilitating the viewing of past lives with you, you are able to understand the emotions and interactions behind them.  Then, you are able to release the lives  and the trauma associated with these lives to achieve more fully why you are here in your present soul path.

Going deeper, to experience a Between Lives Regression session, you will discover more about your soul’s path. You will investigate your soul as you entered the womb.  How did your mother feel about you being born? What were your father’s emotions about you being born?

Next you will visit your most recent past life.  After leaving that life you will drift to a soul state and begin the journey.  Here you will meet your Master Guide. They will introduce you to your Soul Group, your Council of Elders, and more of your Spirit Guides.  Discover your entire soul trajectory over many, many lives.  Learn your most important previous life and much more.

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