Discovering Your Soul’s Path

Lee Mitchell, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist since 2008, has authored two successful books, The Soul’s Journey, 2013, and The Divine River of Life, 2015. Now Lee brings a new concept to finding answers to our soul’s path in her newest book, Discovering Your Soul’s Path, 8 Cases of Past Life Regressions Plus Astrological Charts and Psychic Readings.

Lee finds that past life regression sessions discover past life traumas that are holding us back in our present path. By reviewing the scenes and emotional issues of past lives, we are able to release and let go of these traumas to better achieve what we can to learn and grow from in our current life.

Lee Mitchell takes her experience of interpreting the client’s natal Astrology Chart to help confirm even more the path the client is on. Through the interpretation of Moon’s Nodes, the placement of Saturn and where the ruler of Saturn, Capricorn is found in the client’s chart along with the location of Chiron, an asteroid, in the chart, as well as the overall location of Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in the chart, Lee can confirm the Soul’s Path of the client.

Then lastly, Lee conducts a psychic reading using Tarot cards and with the help of her Spirit Guides, indicates the future events for the client which only confirms what the regressions and astrological information has already revealed! 8 cases of individual clients of Lee’s with different paths, including herself as one of the cases, lets us discover how the soul’s path for all of us is a continuation of many lives and goals that we have worked on for many, many consecutive lives. We are always growing as souls. As we become more experienced and evolved, we take on more complex relationships and circumstances. Know that if you have a very complicated life, you are an advanced soul.

We are all here in this particular time in Earth’s history to be a part of a big leap in Earth’s advancement. We knew that as souls and wanted to be part of it. That includes many cycles of natural disasters coming from the huge expansion of Earth itself. It also includes a difficult and tense time for the entire planet concerning political and economical changes as we have never experienced before. The souls involved in these eight cases knew this before they reincarnated and willing came into their present life with the strength and fortitude to be a part of this exciting time to live on Earth!

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