We are all teachers as well as students to each other.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful experiences with my clients.  Here are just a few comments received.

One of my clients, Alyssa Corley, has a blog and recently she shared her experience in having a past life regression with me. Alyssa has had many challenges in her life which she tells you of, but her strength will inspire all of us.   Here is a link to her article about the past life session:


Other Clients Actual Comments:



I just wanted to say thank you!  Yesterday’s session has had a profound impact on me.  My anxiety is gone.  I feel free!  I actually feel joy.  I am so grateful to have been guided to you.  My soul feels whole!  I can truly feel the positive energy in my life for the first time in forever!!       Joshua Kanawitz, Customer Service Representative

Lee Mitchell is a very welcoming and  knowledgeable. I felt protected during my past life regression with her.  I was wondering if I would be able  to actually see images during the regression right before it started because at the time it was hard for me to see images during my meditations.  Seconds in I saw and experienced everything.  I was also able to see and communicate with my Spirit Guides.  In both of the past lives I was taken to were actually in time periods of my current lifetime.  Lee calls these overlapping parallel lives, which was important for me to know.  I experienced a life as a Shaman, Eagle Feather, in New Mexico and an Artist, Sarah, in Montana. 

Eagle Feather used natural herbs and energy to heal others, he could telepathically communicate with animals, and was very peaceful and still within himself.  Sarah’s parents rescued her by sending her out of Germany during World War II as they were helping Jewish people hide/escape and were found out and killed shortly after they saved Sarah.  I could relate to both of these lives and have the same interest and similar gifts as both of them in what was shown to me during the session. I recognized souls within the past lives who are in my life now.  I was guided to the past life regression I had with Lee, and it was a pivotal experience in my spiritual expansion.  I am a Lightworker and I was trying to find my true soul purpose for almost a year at the time of the past life regression session with Lee.  I ended up have a spiritual awakening the week after my session during a 3 day meditation retreat.  The spiritual awakening uncovered my Mediumship ability and opened me up to a more direct communication with Spirit.  I now have a Wellness Practice where I use my gifts to help give guidance and healing messages from Spirit to my clients. I highly recommend having a past life regression with Lee.  It will give you clarity, direction, and healing in whatever ways are needed within your life at that moment.  Betsy Sharp, Medium,  http://sharpwellnessguide.com

I just wanted to say:  Thank You!  After the last sessions in the Office at Celebration, I’m another person.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that more changes in my life are coming soon.  That day in the regression I saw my dad of that time, and I met him as my mother’s friend today in Venezuela last year.  He had been friends with my mother and my brother.  He is really advanced in a special spiritual path.  He always help me without me ever asking him, but just because my mom or brother talked to him about my struggling situations.  When I told him that I saw him in another life as my father, he got chills.  He went to his group of psychic friends and they confirmed that it was true.  He told me that this helped him to understand why he always wanted to protect me and pray for me  and my two daughters without really knowing me very well. I thought you might want to know how you have help me unlock mysteries in my life.  – Jenni Favela  Sales Consultant

I have worked with Lee on a number of past life regressions.  I have learned so much about myself and about those around me.  Lee’s style of questions helps you to become more aware of your surroundings and feelings as you walk through your past lives.  Each session has brought me closer to my guides and help me to realize how each of my past lives has brought me to this current life. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Lee to fully uncover my life purpose and to assist those around me.  Lee, I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, understanding and guidance. – Shaylene Wright, Software Sales Consultant

Thank You, Lee, for the past life regression.  I was thinking about you as I had another revelation from the past life regression that has affected me in this life time and it was another HUGE AH-HA Moment!  When I was the boy running up the hill in the past life regression and didn’t see the cliff coming and fell off and died, I realized that that has affected me in my present life.  All my life I’ve been afraid of dirt roads with drop-offs, I now see the fear comes from a past life and has nothing to do with this lifetime, so  I now no longer feel that fear and plan my FIRST trip to the top of Pikes Peak for my 44th birthday!!! 28 years I have lived here in Colorado Springs, and always want to go but was too afraid, ONE session with you and the fear is no longer there.  I am humbly grateful for the help you and our guides gave me.  It is amazing!     – Patti Gram   Graphic Arts Business, Colorado Springs, Co

What an Experience!!!! I haven’t stop processing it since the 9th.  Wow.  Thank you so much for doing this work;  Its invaluable.  By the way, “Sean” was the first guide I ever spoke with in a trance channel “reading” about 20 years ago.  He was Scottish, 18th century, with a brogue.  Best Friends Stick (Sean came through for Peter as his best friend in the past life we experienced together in Florida,)  On another note, I have been giving a lot of thought to why i have had more than one lifetime with self esteem crushing, looming parents, and door #17 connects to help explain this.  We saw door #17 in the past life he experienced.  Godspeed and until our paths cross again. – Peter Lake, College Professor of Law, St. Petersburg, Florida.

I learned an amazing number of things during a past life regression and a between life regression I had with Lee Mitchell.  Lee helped me to feel comfortable and continued to do so even when some very emotional things came up.  From the notes she took, rewritten in paragraph form, I was able to revisit some of the subjects that I had forgotten.  Because of these experiences, I have begun meditating with a group each week and am trying to do so on my own during the week.  I want very much to be in contact with my spirit guides on my own, as they are such rich resources in my present life.  I am only sad that Lee is no longer in Salida, where I would definitely be setting up more appointments with her! – Lisa Marvel, retired, previous owner of The Book Haven , Salida, Colorado  81201

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated my past life regression (with you). Although you had done many readings for me over the past 15 years, the regression was fascinating.  As you were able to calm me and bring me to a state in which I could retreat to another place, I was able to see a life in the Far East.  Never, ever, would I have imagined that I had ever lived in such a place.  It brings a new perspective for me. Thanks so much for the enlightening experience.  Blessings on you, and I hope we meet again before too long. – Marilyn Chapman, Retired Banker, Sarasota, Florida 34231

It’s been several years since my session with you and although I found it a profound experience, it was uncomfortable to go back and listen to the recording of it for some reason. I put it away and forgot about it.
Out of the blue, the recording from our session popped up when I was listening to the music app on my phone.  This has never happened before and I use that app daily. Wow!  in the last year, I have been working on my meditation practice and learning about the law of attraction and our energetic nature.  So thankfully, I recognized the sign and listened to the recording thoroughly.  Everything makes so much sense as I hear it today and I have some answers and guidance that I’ve been searching for.
I just want to thank you for the skillful way  you guided me through that session.  You made a difference in my life.
With much appreciation and warm regards, Joni Bellamy.   August, 2022


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