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The Meandering and Wandering of the Soul

I have so many clients who come to me asking why their life is so complex and so challenging.  What happened to the house with the white picket fence we saw in Mayberry with Opie playing ball outside, they say.

To tell you the truth, soul’s who have very complex lives are old, advanced souls who have lived many lives and have asked for these most challenging relationships in their lives before they incarnated.  They want to grow as a soul and each life gets more and more challenging as they return to earth.

To quote from Thomas Moore, “Care of the Soul”: “It is probably not quite correct to speak of the soul’s path.  It is more a meandering and a wandering.  The soul path is marked by neurotic tendencies as well as by high ideals, by ignorance as well as by knowledge, and by daily incarnated life as well as by high levels of consciousness.  Therefore, when you call up a friend to talk about the latest mess that has come into your life, you are tending another turn in your polytropic path.  The soul becomes greater and deeper through the living out of the messes and the gaps….To the soul, this is the ‘negative way’ of the mystics, an opening into divinity only made possible by giving up the pursuit of perfection.”

So, let’s  do not blame the people around us for our circumstances.  We, as souls, have asked for these “messes”.  That is exactly why we come to the “school of hard knocks” Earth.  Instead look for the opportunity to evolve from your circumstances.  We are so much stronger than we ever realize.  We can go the distance so much more than our human mind thinks we can.

When your mind tells you that it is just too hard, and that  everything  bad always happens to you, that is just your EGO-mind talking to you.  It is always trying to control you and do what it thinks it has to do keep you in line.

Let’s start thinking from our hearts and stop listening to our EGO-mind.  When your life seems so complex and difficult, and your relationships seem so emotionally draining, just stop for a minute.  Contemplate the situation.  What can you learn from this?  Maybe, just maybe, you will become more competent in your reasoning when you help a loved one come to a shift in their life.

Maybe, just maybe, you will discover that that job change that was so unbelievably difficult has made you happier than you ever dreamed you could be, once you are on the other side of the change.  You were strong enough to get through it and you will be strong enough to make a success of the new venture.

Maybe, just maybe, you will stop blaming other people for your circumstances when you are forced to sell your house and move.  You will move to a smaller place and discover that that was the right path for you all along.  Less “Stuff” to take care of and more time for life.

Maybe, just maybe, you will benefit from having to put a loved one in an assisted living facility.  Knowing that you can give of yourself to that loved one with nothing in return but the grace of being in their presence, is a learning experience of life that will serve you in all endeavors going forward.

I promise you will become more happy with “You” when you begin to look at life as , “What can I learn from the experience” instead of dreading all confrontations that life will throw at you.

Where am I going with this, you say?  I want all my friends, partners and
clients to know down deep inside of yourselves that you are truly LIGHT BEINGS right now on earth.  You have been called to be here at this time to move us forward to a more loving and compassionate earth.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Love and light to you,  Lee

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