Dan and I went to see the 2019 new version of the Lion King movie this weekend. I mainly wanted to see it for the amazing animation effects the motion picture industry is able to do today. The animals look SOOOO real, it’s amazing. In it good conquers bad, but not after a longggg battle in-between. I saw many children there with their parents, and honestly the theme was quite mature for a 4, 5, or even a 6 year old. I was surprised at the evil that was portrayed.

I won’t tell you the whole story in case you are planning on seeing it, but let’s just say, the son, who was the prince of his territory in Africa, was planning on taking over as leader once his father was ready to relinquish it to him.

Then a terrible incident happened and the father, the present Lion King, was killed. The son was so shaken, he ran away to another territory far away. While he was gone, the father’s evil Brother, Scar, took over leadership. He destroyed all the land with his killing of many of the animals for food. The original Lion King had appreciated all the animals and had protected them.
The land lost its water, animals and vegetation. The evilness of the Scar was never ending and he liked his rein. Sometimes, Evil is Just Evil.

The son did return and conquered Scar and took over the territory and all was restored at the end. That is the 3 minute version. The animals were magnificent to see in the new, modern animation, and the vegetation was breathtaking. I love all big cats, so I just had to see this new version of the film. Many of the big cats are guides for me, and if you notice on my books I always show a big cat on the cover, whether it be a cheetah, lion, or panther.

But, as we were riding home, the entire story reminded me of a regression case I had recently facilitated with a client. She had been to me before for a session. But we never touched on the subject of evil, as we did in this present session.

Many times, your higher consciousness and your guides know you might not be ready to see all that must be revealed to you. So they wait until you have gotten stronger and understand more about your life. Many times I will see the client for a second time to resume our search for answers to their life path. This time, Susan (not her real name) ask about her ex-husband and the evil he had permeated throughout her family, including molesting her daughter. He was extremely abusive and she took it for many years until finally she was strong enough to divorce him.

But she suffered from depression many years afterward and felt much guilt for not preventing the harming of her daughter by the ex-husband. She had even tried to take her life using pills. She was stronger now and has met a wonderful man to continue on this growth journey with her. But she still wanted answers to her past.

As we visited one life, she saw that she drowned accidentally at five years old. Her parents, as souls in her soul group, had asked her to leave early to help them learn the meaning of pain when you lose a loved one. The parents both suffered greatly in that English life because they had all been very close.

Next, she saw a life where she was molested and raped by her father in a past life in Texas in 1942. At 13, this man raped her. Her mother was strong enough to get her out of their home as soon as she was old enough, but her mother never left the father. He was an Evil man who Susan saw as her ex-husband in this present life.

She did end up killing herself at 30 in the Texas life wanting to leave such a depressed life. When we pulled away from the life, she pulled through some of the family members to talk to them. The father had no answer for why he did it, but that he liked being his Dark and Evil self. At that point, I told Susan we might have to do an attachment release to this dark energy. Sometimes Evil is Just Evil.

When we asked her Guides to join us, Rick, her Master Guide, who Susan had met before joined us. Also two other Guides came through as well. We asked more about the Evil of Susan’s ex-husband. She was told he held within him a “Ball of Evil.” His energy did not come from our Solar System but another one entirely different that Earth’s. This “Ball of Dark Energy” disguises himself in earth beings. For some reason he had chosen Susan’s soul group to attach himself to for many lives not just the present one. It was time to use the magnificent energy of my Guides and Susan’s to get rid of him once and for all.

We performed a light energy Attachment Release on Susan and released all attached energy strings that the “Ball of Evil” had attached to her. Using Christ Consciousness energy and the strength of our Guides we were able to remove the energy and send him out of our immediate Solar System.

Next we also did a simple attachment release for Susan to retrieve the shards of her soul that had remained in the two past lives where she had died prematurely in both of them. When the session had ended, Susan felt a tremendous shift of energy. The attachment of the Evil energy had left her. Just as Scar was depicted in the movie, this energy relished in his Evil doing and the harm he brought to others. Sometimes Evil is Just Evil.

Attachments are real. I have worked with many clients over the years that have had their lives affected by energies that sap their strength and cause them to be depressed and tired all the time. Once they had the ties cut to the energy, they start to resume a norm life maybe for the first time in this present life.

If you or anyone you know sound like Susan, please contact me for a past life session, and if you live in another state, we can always Skype the session. The Skype sessions are just as effective. It may Start you on a whole new life path, because Sometimes Evil is Just Evil…….

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you, Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……