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Lee Mitchell is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist. In many regressions with clients, she facilitates the past life regression while the client reviews past physical wounds and emotional traumas. Using healing techniques while in the regression state, the client can release these “scars” in this life to lead a more fulfilling, joyous, soulful life in the present.

Lee Mitchell has followed the Dr. Michael Newton training for past life regression. She was originally certified by one of his first trainers for her past life regression certification.

Dr. Michael Newton, the premier authority in Past Life and Between Life Regression Therapy, having facilitated over 7,000 regressions, has authored “Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of Souls”.  Both have become best selling books.

Lee has three books,” The Soul’s Journey”,  “The Soul’s Divine River of Life”, and “Discovering Your Soul’s Path”. All books can be found at Isis Books in Denver and Celebrations in Colorado Springs as well as Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. In the books,  she facilitates many cases of past life regression and between lives regression that allows the reader to fully see the many varied uses of past life regression therapy. Such chapters as Panic Attacks, Parallel lives, lives as light beings from other planets, Sessions of Future Lives, and lives in the Fairy Realm are discussed.

In her latest book, Discovering Your Soul’s Path, Lee uses, in addition to past life regression sessions, astrology natal charts, and psychic tarot card readings to confirm the soul’s path for the clients in the book. These three modalities help solidify the clients quest for understanding their higher self’s plan for their present life.


Lee has been giving Intuitive Spiritual Readings for over 22 years.  She will help in connecting to your spirit guides to receive answers to relationship questions, romance, family dilemmas, career, and love.

Using the ancient tarot cards as a gateway to your questions, her Spiritual Guides, as well as aid from the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel, add to the information through scenes, impressions and thoughts that they give her during your reading.

photo-with-tob-3-for-websiteLee’s experienced in Astrological Natal Charts Analysis as well. Your chart is an added insight into what is your soul’s path for this present life. In a one hour session, she will investigate, based on your time and location of birth, where your Saturn is located in your chart and what house is ruled by Saturn. This will show you what you are working on this present life to overcome from previous life experiences. She also looks at the location of the north and south node of the moon to discover your most recent past life and what you planned on working on in this current life. Additionally, she will investigate the location of Chiron, the asteroid, which is the wounded healer and shows by location what you are trying to overcome presently that is a deep-seated wound of your soul. Also, all planets and all houses will be discussed in detail for you in this hour long session that she records and emails to you for your review of the session.

Simply call Lee for a free consultation and to schedule your time for a past life regression, a between lives regression, a spiritual intuitive reading, or an astrology natal chart analysis.  Please go to the paypal page to pay for session if you are calling from another city or state.

Call Lee at 719-221-4275 or contact her via email. 



Ready to book your appointment for past life regressions or astrology interpretation with Lee Mitchell? Click here to contact her. 

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