Most Frequently asked questions and past life regression….

Will it be hard for me to relax enough to see a past life?

Out of all the past life regressions I have facilitated, only a hand full have not been able to relax enough to see a past life or meet with their guides.  Do not drink caffeine drinks before a session, and remember we are going to a very light trance state.  You will feel similar to how you feel just before drifting off to sleep at night.

Will I see entire scenes of a past life, just like I was in a movie with me as the star?

Each client is different.  Your Spirit Guides, along with your higher soul self, is the energy that is bringing you the past life.  Whatever is important for you to experience is what they will show you.  Most people see past lives, just as they would see scenes in a very detailed dream, but some see scenes separated by smokiness.  Some are quickly whisked away by their guides to see prior civilizations their soul was involved in, not necessarily on the planet earth.  Some have very involved meetings with Master Guides and other spirit guides for consultation.  Yet, all the experience will be enlightening to your present life now, and with insight to your soul’s path.

Will I see things that frightened me or cause me severe trauma?

Many of our phobias are caused by trauma our soul experienced from past lives that we are still carrying around much like baggage that no longer helps us in any way in  our current life.  By viewing this trauma, your higher soul self can realize it for what it was an experience to put behind you as a lesson.  If you do experience a scene of severe trauma, it will not cause any pain today.  It will be much like watching a scene from a distance with no physical pain involved.  There may be some emotional pain that you need to release, afterward, however.

Will I recognize any of my family and friends in past lives?

Yes, in fact, I ask you as you meet people in your past lives, if you recognize then in your present life as anyone that you know.  You will instantly bring to mind who their soul essence is in your present life, when I ask.  Many times our soul family or soul group continues to play different parts in our lives, similar to a stage play, where the actors switch parts and try out all roles in a play for the experience.


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