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The Heart of Your Soul

The Heart of Your Soul February 15, 2019 I want to talk about my favorite subject, the Soul, and it’s true “love”. It can also be expressed as its true “Personality”. This drive, that we all have as souls, follows us from life to life. To give you some examples. I have worked with soContinue Reading

Meet Your Spirit Guides Class

New Super Blood Moon, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and YOU

   Super Blood Moon Full Moon Lunar Eclipse                                                         I want to tell all my friends and clients I have joined a new group of alternative healers.  The website is  If you would like to visit my page, go to:  Continue Reading

Announcing A New and Exciting New Group of Alternative Practioners

        I am so excited to announce the new group of Alternative Practioners that I have joined.  You can discover the wonderful new website by going to  If you have every suffered from an ailment and wanted to try an alternative approach to solving the problem without using Western medicine, thisContinue Reading

Do You Recognize the Messages Your Guides and the Animals are Sending You?

OUR SOULS ARE ALL EVOLVING at a tremendous rate in this current time.  I can see it in the clients I work with.  Years ago, many did not sense the other realms around them.  Now almost everyone I work with tells me of the energy around them they recognize as heavenly beings working with themContinue Reading

Near Death Experiences and How They are Connected to Past Lives

     I have taken up golf!  I know, at my age, 69, I must be out of my mind.  But hear me out.  Dan is a fantastic golfer.  He is licensed by the PGA to teach golf.  And we have beautiful, majestic golf courses here in Colorado.   I am a little late in gettingContinue Reading

The Shift, The Higher Truth, The Beginning of a New Time

                          Lee Mitchell, 2017                                    The Spring flowers are blooming everywhere!  Sooooo wonderful to feel the sun on your face and look out and see daffodils, tulips, and bluebonnets blooming in your yard, isn’t it?And with this newContinue Reading

When Is It The Right Time to Make Big Change

I am in Sunny, Warm California doing past life regression sessions at the marvelous Awakenings store, Center for Positive Thinking,  in Laguna Hills, California.  I still have spaces open this Friday & Saturday, Ovctober 21st and 22nd.  Just call me at 719-221-4275 or email me at for an appointment.I have been amazingly busy sinceContinue Reading

Using the Love and the Light

I want to discuss what happens when our souls leave through natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, and floods. Recently the tragedy of the earthquake in Tibet around beautiful Nepal was heartbreaking for all of us to see the destruction it caused and the thousands of innocent lives lost. I believe our energiesContinue Reading

Happiness and the Super Full Moon of September, 2014

We have a Super Full Moon that starts at about 6:30 pm, September 8th.  It is called a Super Full Moon because it is the full moon closest to the Fall Equinox.  It is in the house of Pisces and promises to bring a lot of emotion and clarity for us.  You may feel the effectsContinue Reading