April 25th, 2019

Last Saturday Night was the full moon in Scorpio. It is one of the most abundant full moons of the year. Not only is the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in Taurus, an earth sign, signifying strong, good changes coming but also, Saturn and Pluto were conjuncting each other in Capricorn and sextiling the moon at the same time. Calling for lots of stable abundance coming from productive Capricorn and also the energy of Pluto and Saturn combined will bring strong, positive, ground swelling changes for us all.

I am one Week from my surgery and feeling great. Working out again, and on long walks with Toby each day. Have to wait a little longer for running to be added to my schedule. But all in all, the robotic center at Swedish Medical is a miracle hall for me!!
Thanks so much for all your well wishes on facebook and in emails. Hugs to all and to Dan who helped me so much the first days.

I am indulging today on one of my favorite subjects, Animals, especially dogs, and the afterlife. My dear, wonderful, Casey, in the photo above, left us in 2016, at age 16. The last few years with me, she became my spiritual partner. She would sit in on all my readings at Celebrations in the Springs, and would attend all my events, whether they be one on one past life regressions where I was using a massage table, (she would lie under the table) or group past life events where she would sit on a cushiony chair in the room while we carried on.

She would read the energy of the clients in my readings often. It would appear she was asleep in the corner, but if someone became emotional or started crying, she would quickly move over to them and sit by their feet til they petted her. I believe she sent out healing energy as she sat under the massage tables as well. Once, I remember being in the old location of Celebration and she was out in the store area with me. The staff were petting her and suddenly a very elderly lady came in the store. She was walking with a cane and went to the counter unnoticed. Casey promptly went over to the lady and sat at her side. Casey wanted all in the store to know this lady was important! The lady stopped and leaned down to pet Casey. All was good.

Dan and I just saw a wonderful feel good movie, A Dog’s Journey. It is the sequel to A Dog’s Way Home. The new movie is all about the mission that the dog of the movie had and, no matter how many times he had to incarnate, he was going to accomplish his mission. So many different breeds of dogs tell the story. It is quite well done.

As a coincidence, Although I don’t believe in coincidences, I just picked up a marvelous book recently on animals and the afterlife, called, “Animals and the Afterlife,” by Kim Sheridan.

I have read many books on the subject, but this by far, is the best and most in-depth book on the subject. Kim, an expert on life after death of animals and a popular lecturer and workshop leader on the subject, took essays from people she collected for several years, going all over to solicit them, from people who had lost animals who had passed. Then they went on to tell their stories of how they connected to them after they passed.

Many connected through Animals Communicators or they simple felt and sensed the souls of the animals talking to them either in dreams or during the day. The stories are quite remarkable.

My own experience is through Animal Communicators mostly. When my female Rhodesian, Nikia, was getting ill, I used an Animal Communicator recommended by my Veterinarian, to know when to put her down. She had degenerative Mylopathy.
I will never forget one time I had a client doing a past life with me who was an animal communicator. After the session, she asked is she could talk to Casey for a moment. I said, Of Course!

Casey told her that she missed the trips to the big park we used to take, and why had we returned there anymore. (I used to take Casey to Chatfield State Park in Littleton to run free in a dog park area, and had not had time to do it in the last year!) Casey also asked why she didn’t get hamburgers anymore. She really liked those hamburgers. (I used to have my own General Contracting business in Crestone, CO and I would go to Abuquerque to buy tile and cabinets, and take Casey and Nikia with me. On the way, I would stop to buy them hamburgers for dinner as I drove down!) It just thrilled me that Casey was able to get these thoughts across to the communicator to pass on to me!!

What Kim discovered after researching so many lovely stories from strangers all over the country is that animal souls keep up with their owners much after they leave physically. Much like I know our human soul group in spirit checks in on us all the time on Earth, so do our loving animals. Many times they have been with us many, many times before in past lives. They plan to come to be our companions over and over again for many different reasons. Many just want to be in our lives, but many come for specific reasons. When Casey passed, I asked my friend, Suzy Emmett, if she would try to reach out to Casey to see if she was ok in spirit. Suzy told me that Casey had come to be here for me as I was changing careers to the Spiritual Path I am on presently. She knew that I would be doing it all alone and that she would be there for me to lean on as I made some difficult choices. And she was. Casey was one strong female, as my friends know. Nothing stopped her if she wanted something!

More importantly, Kim went on to say that people who are involved in helping the lives of animals today have a far more important role on Earth than our civilization gives them credit for. Without our wild animals and our companion animals, this planet would not survive with just the humans.

The book has many, many stories of messages from the other side that the animals are still helping their humans and many told them that they would be returning again to be with them. Through animal communicators, people were told not to worry about recognizing the animals. The animals said they would find them. The stories showed that many times they would find a rescue pet and later find out it to be exactly the same personality as their pet who had passed. There are simply no coincidences.

For the last few years since Casey passed, I feel her and Nikia in my backseat when I leave the store in Colorado Springs after a day of readings. I talk to both of them, but Casey’s energy is stronger. She always gives me tips and love in taking care of our big Toby dog today. She keeps telling me he is going to be the best dog as he ages. He will get wiser and wiser….

A special note here to my friend, Jeannine, who just lost her sweet Bubber, a cat she had rescued from another home who could not keep him. Jeannine loved that cat more than any other cat she had had. He had helped her just by being there. Jeannine, he will return to you, just be on the lookout when you pick your next companion!!!

Animals are the best, don’t you agree. As we all know, there is just nothing better than holding our loving pet and just hugging on them for minutes at a time. Their energy just fills us up with love, DOESN’T IT?

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you, Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……