There is so much going on in the Universe that I have to discuss what is causing all the change around us.  I know you feel it.  Nothing is going right lately?  Events are being postponed.  Jobs are be downsized.  Friends are falling off the radar, and even some love ones are passing over. We humans DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!!
This includes me, though I try to tell my clients that all human existence is about ACCEPTING change and moving forward in a positive way.  It is still hard and we suffer while making those commanding changes the Universe brings to all of us.
Some of the reasons for all the change on Mother Gaia right now:
The Equinox is coming up March 20, and so is the Full Moon in Libra.  This always means completion of a new twist in your life and how you deal with that twist.   
In addition, we have Uranus moving into Taurus, which I have mentioned in other emails, but it is finally here.  It moved from Aries into the house of Taurus on March 6th for a seven year stay.  The movement of a large planet like Uranus will always shake us up, but Uranus is especially known for out-of-the-blue happenings when we least expect them.  And when a planet first moves into a new house, it shakes up everything for the first few weeks and months until it settles down to help you learn the lessons it brings you.  Some of these happenings may be gains and some may be loses for us. With Uranus you can never tell!
Also, we just had Chiron, the asteroid, which stands for the “wounded healer” just move into Aries from the house of Pisces for a new eight year stay.  It reminds us of features of our soul we have been trying to improve on for eons.  Look on your chart to see what houses they are in for you!  Oh, and yes, we have Mercury in retrograde as well.
It will not be out of retrograde and going direct until March 28th.
So all contracts and final decisions on new plans should be delayed til after the 28th, unless you are prepared to make changes after you decide things.  Mercury always makes you go over details again, if you choose to complete things while it is in retrograde.  Don’t buy cars, appliances, or computers during a retrograde.  Ever!!
So let me tell you how I deal with all changes in my life, and yes, I have quite a few going on.. My wonderful Dan just lost his dear brother, Mike, to cancer.  He left us way to soon. RIP, Mike.  
I find myself traveling out of state less, and scheduling classes much more often, (Look below to see all the new events).  
First of all, I look at my astrology chart to see where these planets have moved for me.  You can look yours up on  I next go to my cards or Rune stones.  I pulled out the beautiful “Gilded Reverie” Lenormand Oracle cards by Ciro Marchetti today. You can find these at or in Denver and Colorado Springs. I pull a nine card spread from three different piles I make.  I see that we as a nation, and a planet, are in the midst of cutting away what no longer serves us, as hard as that may be,(Scythe), and preparing for change,(Stork), as we take on challenges and obstacles that are ahead,(Mountain).
We will be receiving informative news in the near future to help us make our important decisions, (the Rider), with the end result being we will find our home, our comfort, our family, once again, (House) in this new changed environment, but not before we have to overcome deception and manipulation, (Fox).
FInally, to confirm what I just spread in Oracle cards, I do a short spread in Tarot cards.  My favorite are the “Gilded Tarot” deck.  I see that we must go back to our past to mull over the situation, (6 of Cups), but we can wait no longer to make these changes because the time has come to create a new path for ourselves, (the Empress).  Yes, juggling of everything in our lives is going to be necessary, (2 of Pentacles), and it is going to take a while to come out on the other side victorious with our new ideas, (8 of Pentacles).  And yet, we will be hearing good news of VICTORY!!! when we do reach the other side, (Page of Pentacles).  
We are strong enough to do this hard work, we are souls that have been challenging ourselves for many, many, many, many lives to get to this stage of human evolution.  Believe it or not, you chose to come into this very difficult time in America’s history because you wanted to be challenged to grow.   
GO FORWARD my dear Warriors, YOU CAN DO THIS!!
Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….


Love and light to you,  Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way….