It’s a time for new starts, new warmer days, and new designs for your life. The picture above is our lovely Koi pond. And Dan, wanting a new look, added the wonderful Buddha statue. Hope the fish are okay with the new addition. Big Mac, Cleo, Carl, and Sharee seem to be happy to have him. He gives shadow and peacefulness to the pond.

I have experienced so many wonderful cases lately. A general theme seems to be popping up more and more with the clients and their cases. The situations are all different and the clients come from all areas of Colorado Springs, Denver area, Dallas area. I even have a man flying in from Santa Fe for a session tomorrow. So the people are not the same, that is not what they have in common. It’s as if they are coming for the sessions to have an awakening about some skill they contain. It is as if it is TIME to begin this new chapter with all their skills for Earth.

Sometimes, the clients suspect it all along, but haven’t stepped into their abilities, or many times it much more dire. They are suffering from anxiety, depression, physical disabilities and more. But for one reason or another, they were supposed to be experiencing these emotions and ailments to prepare them for the next step in this present life to help others with their skills.

I have changed the names to protect the privacy of my clients, but I just want to give you a little insight into what I have been seeing in the sessions. This information may help you or you may know of friends that are going through similar situations.

Evelyn: Evelyn lives in Sarasota, Florida. She has had a past life regression with me prior to this appointment. This time we were having a Between Lives Regression session using Skype. She had been feeling very depressed and wanted to understand her purpose in this life more clearly.

We did many things in the 3 1/2 hour session, but one thing her guides did was take her on a trip to meet them. They showed her being put in the middle of a lotus flower and all of them began hugging her. They did some clearing for her, she had felt as if she had an attachment, but it was just a closing off her soul had done to others around her. They told her that by sending the light through her, it would clear her heart and allow them to connect with her much better in the future. They told her they were connecting the “crystals” inside her once more. They said to be ready for the new, it was coming in May, and to be clearing her throat chakra by using blue crystals.

The most important scene they showed her is a room where she can come visit anytime she wants. Archangel Gabriel met her and showed her a room of bursting light with a room full of Angels. She was told she had originated from this dimension many, many eons ago. She has the soul of an Angel. That is what was making her so sad. She wanted to go home and she couldn’t. She is doing too much good work on Earth helping others. But they said she could return anytime to the Angelic realm to feel all they love they have for her.

Doria: Doria is from Colorado Springs and contacted me from the website for alternative healing. She had experienced a back injury from a fall on a stairs a few years ago and was not able to heal no matter what modality she had tried. Several surgeries later, and on medication daily, she was still in pain. Doria told me at the onset of the session that she was a Medium but had not used her skills, and had always wondered why. As soon as we began, Doria’s Master Guide, Helena came through to guide her. We saw a past life as a man who had gotten drunk, started a fight with a man a pulled out a gun and shot him. He fell into depression over it. The man’s friends robbed him and his farm. His girlfriend left him, and he began drinking heavily. Eventually he shot himself over his grief.

When we asked Doria’s higher consciousness what was her soul to learn from that life, she heard that she was to learn compassion for another human being. She had put herself in that situation to react and she made poor choices. Now fast forward to the present, and once again, her Master Guide, Helena said that what was causing her accident was an attachment.

(I do attachment releases as part of the session if they are needed.) This attachment of Doria’s had followed her to this life. She had been a Shaman and healer in past lives and it had always been trying to put out her light that helped so many. In her present life, Doria has two daughters. She subconsciously has been afraid to use her psychic skills for fear that the dark attachment would harm her daughters. Helena said that the darkness had caused her to trip and fall down the stairs.

We performed the attachment release, and Helena said that it would put the dark attachment at bay for now…. But Helena said stretches and the medication she was on would help her back. She would have to work around it. Helena showed her a picture of a beach and she sees she is reading for others. As she grabbed Doris’s face, she said: You can do this, you are here to help others. Doria later told me her family were talking about moving to Florida! Finally she has no fear of using her skills to help others.

Whitney: Whitney had recently come for an Astrological Natal Chart interpretation. But from that she concluded that she needed to even go further to discover why she so feared pursuing her dreams. She knew she had spiritual abilities, but something held her back.

Whitney saw several lives and they all had a recurring theme.
Her Master Guide, Abdar, met her early on to lead her through several hard lives. In one she was a woman in her 60s. She was taken to a scene where she died from a heart attack. When I asked her soul’s path in that life, she said, “to understand a long and difficult life circumstance. ” In another life, she was a woman and was of royalty in France in 899 A.D. But she was leading all alone. It was hard because she wanted to help and be kind to her subjects. Her staff and advisors disagreed. They wanted to obtain more land and power through war with other groups. They eventually hid her in prison where she died. They told the subjects she died of illness. When I asked of her soul’s path, she said it had been to bring love and light to that area where there had been none. The leaders around her would have nothing of the sort.

All the scenes were of lives where she had been either a leader or a caretaker who gave her all. In her present life, she was taking care of her dying mother. When we asked why Whitney had so much blockage around going after her dreams, her guide told her that there is a time to start using her skills. It will be soon. She was completing a karmic tie to her Mother, but that will be completed in two years. Then she will start stepping into the second chapter of using her spiritual teaching skills. Nothing has been wasted in her life. Whitney had asked for all these learning experiences to have empathy for others. She was now ready. Hurrah for Whitney!

I know this posting is long, but I wanted you all to read what a revelation so many of the clients are having. There is a new beginning coming to us all on this earth, and many of these people are poised to help and be involved in it!!

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you, Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……