As I was jogging this week, I was tested for endurance. The night before I had facilitated an Astrology Natal Chart class in Colorado Springs and had gotten home late and after a late night snack, was in bed around 11:30. This was way past my 9:30 normal bedtime. That morning I knew I was going to have to tell my muscles to use their memory to run and then work out in our gym. I surprised myself in that when you put your mind to something and are not going to accept anything less, your body does perform.

I made it through the two hours of work with my body muscles performing as my mind would accept nothing less. That really gave my guides an idea that they want to pass along to you.

We all have contracts we make before we come into our incarnations. I laughingly tell clients, we, as souls sit in the clouds with our soul group, deciding who and what we want to work on before we come into our human existence. Then, or course, our amnesia, once we arrive, does not let us remember what we plan to work on. But there are always road signs to help us along.

Again, my guides, put in my memory as I jogged, the scenes of my life with my ex-husband, Doug Mitchell. I was only married to him for four years, ( He was a recovering alcoholic and two years into the marriage, he began drinking again). After the marriage, I asked my guides to tell me the reason for all that interaction with him. Most importantly, he got me to Colorado. Which began my spiritual journey to a my full time profession today. We had bought some land, while we were married, in a small spiritual town, Crestone. When we divorced, he quit claim the deed to me. It caused me to visit, and finally move, to Crestone. If we had never purchased the land, (and would I have on my own?) would I have moved to Crestone?

I do know that I visited enough times over the next three years to make the move with my dog, cat, and bird. Then my life really began to change to a much more spiritual one that eventually led me to who I am today. This is the contract I had with Doug Mitchell. He was only to be in my life long enough to get me on the correct road for my life’s path. Not that the 25 years of real estate had been a mistake, on the contrary.

I went onto to be a general contractor in Crestone, all the while developing my spiritual intuition. This was the time in my life to build my confidence to run my own business. Soon, I moved to Salida and was certified in past life regression therapy. I knew when I left Crestone, it was for bigger things working in hypnotherapy, not real estate. I had so enjoyed building beautiful homes, but the work with Spirit was really calling me as never before.

I had one past life regression given to me by my friend, Pat Opper, also certified along with me, that showed a past life with Doug. It was a Native American life in the Southwest. He was our chief in the tribe. I started out as a young trainee of his. I was a boy of about 18 or 19. As he aged, I learned more and more, until the day he was gone, and I had to assume his responsibility as the tribal chief. I realized after he had past from illness, how much I had depended on his decisions, and it was a very hard thing for me to take on this role.

Later, in meditation, I was shone another past life in the Native American life that I experienced with the soul of Doug Mitchell. He was my husband and we had two children. I just saw fleeting scenes for about a minute in my meditation. I saw that he was gone for long periods of time. I was left to fend for myself and the kids. He must have been hunting, I never saw clearly. But I did feel the loss and the resentment I had of having to do everything on my own. I don’t believe we were with a tribe, but all alone.

The reason I tell you all the details of past lives with Doug Mitchell, is to allow you to see the CONTRACT I had with him. I was to be getting more independent and stronger with each shared life. Coming into my present life, our only reason to meet and share any life at all together was for me to finally be strong enough on my own to jump onto my spiritual path.

I know how hard that decision is for many. In my spiritiual, intuitive readings and in my past life regression sessions, I meet many who want to leave their “normal” careers and begin a “spiritual” one. Would I have finally made the leap if I had not moved to the very spiritually bent town of Crestone? I will never know. But what I do know is that we completed our contract and I have never seen Doug Mitchell since that time.

We all have many CONTRACTS during our lives. I talk about Contracts in each of my books, “The Soul’s Journey”, “The Soul’s Divine River of Life”, and “Discovering Your Soul’s Path”. It is such an important part of our Soul’s Path.

Our free will, once we are in the human incarnation, decides if we want to complete them. The choices you make are of the upmost importance in each and every phase of your present life. I have worked with so many clients to help them understand their contracts. They want to know why they are with certain people, and why they are involved in certain paths that draw them one way or another.

Below are some re-occuring reasons that I have discovered over all these years working with clients. These reasons for common occurances always are because of contracts your higher consciousness wants you to accomplish:

1) If you are involved in a automobile accident or a serious illness, most times it is a Contract. The illness might last for several years. It seems your higher self has no problem putting you there. You have so fallen off your path, that it is ready to do almost anything to you to get you on the path you came to accomplish and experience for your soul’s growth.
2) If you lose a spouse through illness, or an extreme accident, most always it is a Contract. The contract was that it is finally time for you to be on your own, without the aid of your partner’s help, to accomplish your soul’s growth alone. It is to make you stronger after many, many lives together.
3) If you meet someone who becomes a close friend, a boss, or even a lover who becomes a mentor for you. It could even be a family member like a grandmother or grandfather, it is a Contract. It is a contract to build your confidence in yourself so that in this present life you can accomplish the difficult task you came to do. (My grandmother was mine, and she is a guide for me today on the other side.)
4) If you contract a severe disability, illness or body ailment that you are able to deal with, and in fact, even cure, it is almost always a Contract. It is a contract for you to be so understanding of that physical problem that you are able to help others in this life cure that ailment for themselves.
5) As in #4, If you are orphaned, mistreated, sexually abused, or even worse, most times it is a Contract for your soul’s growth. It sounds so harsh that your higher consciousness wants you to experience all this pain, but that is the only way you can have empathy for others, and in fact go on to be trained to help others in the same experience to heal from their mental wounds.

All of this brings us back to my day of running where I pushed my body’s muscle memory that morning after my class. Your soul is stronger than you realize. What you Think you can’t possibly do, You Can do. It is a Contract you have asked for and NOW THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Just let that Mental Memory take over. You will feel the Joy at discovering you Soul’s Path as I have. It feels different, it acts different, and it is different than anything you have done so far in this life!!!!!!!!!

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you, Lee