I have to tell you of a new relationship I have started with a wonderful new store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The store is called Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop, wwwpranablessings.com.

Located close to downtown at 1925 Rosina St, 87505, the owner, La Gina Glass has graciously allowed me to facilitate my Past Life Regressions in her store the weekend of March 6th, 7th, and 8th, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 2020. The sessions will be taking place all day long, for two hours each. Please contact me if you are interested in a session, [email protected] or 719-221-4275 text or call for a spot.
So excited to be back in one of my Favorite Cities again!

I have to tell all of you that I have been going through quite the transformation over the holidays. I knew something was changing but not sure what it was. I meditated and read my tarot cards and all my guides kept saying something new in my spiritual path was upon me.

So here goes. I have always been guided by The Great White Brotherhood. These are advanced light beings that help all of earth and reside in a higher dimension than my guides and angels who help me on a daily basis. Recently, I had a spiritual medium from Arizona, who has a special talent to connect with higher dimensional guides, channel for me a message from the GWB. What they told was preparing me for the change.

For the last several weeks, I could not sit down and send out an email blast. Nothing seemed to strike a strong theme that I should discuss. So this morning, I sat down and meditated, and asked the Great White Brotherhood to come through and give a message for 2020. Below is the message they channeled through me.

“We, the Great White Brotherhood, need to be working with you more, Lee, to tell you of the changes in 2020. You must call on us to do so.”

Next I asked: GWB, what can you tell me to help all these advanced human souls today in dealing with the changes in 2020?

“We want you to know the shifting energies are upon mankind on Gaia. The big kick off is 2020. For the next several months in 2020 you will see many, many collisions in governments. The old systems are combusting and will no longer succeed.”

“Elected officials will be exchanged for “new thought” elected officials who have the earth’s interests at heart. Humans can simply not put off any longer paying attention to the physical disruptions Mother Earth is creating. She is demanding our full attention. This year is the beginning of several years of natural disasters and disruptions that will drastically shift Gaia, Mother Earth, and her inhabitants, man and animal alike, for many, many years to come.”

“The human consciousness is advancing again presently. Many of the human souls you work with are shifting once again. But with that comes the release of the old and buried painful feelings left over from hardships of their pasts.”

“This explains the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction which aligned on the 12th of January after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 10th of January recently. Saturn helps restrict energy so that we may focus on projects for our later advancement.”

“Pluto holds the energy of transformation. It is a very strong and powerful energy. So as the humans try to release past wounds so that you may advance to a higher consciousness and understanding of your path, Pluto energy is helping you bring these painful past experiences to the surface to be released for good.”

“Saturn, however, retricts the releasing. This is not a bad thing. It makes you humans stop in your daily lives and pay attention. You will be aware when something in your life comes to a close this year. You will stop to notice when a friendship or a working relationship comes to an end. These events must happen for you to evolve and move on. This is the “New Earth.”

“So many changes to look for in 2020 in your society. The way you look at your systems like insurance, government assistance, and other forms of national aid will begin to change forever. These systems are broken and new forms will begin to take their place.”

“In looking at human evolution and consciousness for all mankind this year, it will be a good one. A refreshing relief to you all that better opportunities for you on Earth are ahead.”

“We, the Great White Brotherhood, are here with Lee to send you healing light and love as you transition to a higher awareness of your spiritual consciousness as a soul on the ever evolving Planet called Gaia.”

In Finishing, I, (Lee), want to tell you that we as advanced souls knew we were coming to this present life to help in these challenges. You are strong and you will prevail and grow stronger for it!

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….
nta Fe

Love and light to you, Lee