I want to discuss the Miracle Doors that happen for us all, that I see many of you missing.  When I do readings for clients with Tarot cards and my guides assisting me, all the details of the wants and needs of the client are spelled out immediately.  THIS IS WHAT I WANT NOW!, the cards tell me.  That is all fine and good.  But so many of us know what we want, but are we ready to step into what is given?
     The Universe, God, the Higher Power, Our Guides hear us all the time.  They are co-creators with us in all that we do, whether we are aware of their actions and energy or not.  But so many times I see that the Universe and our Guides are doing all they can do to manifest our needs and wants, but we have “Blinders” on many times.
     I read for a wonderful new client this week, Lorraine, who had attended a group event of mine a few weeks ago.  As I was reading for her, it was clear that she was ready for a relationship.  She had been on her own for several years, and her children were getting old enough to be independent without much of her help.
     She was doing a wonderful job at co-creating what she desired.  She had joined an organization that she was highly interested in and had even attended some Pow-Wows in the west which interested her for their Indian jewelry and much more.  Good for her!  She was doing all she could do to manifest her wants and desires. Meeting people, precisely men, with common interests is a great way to start on her new journey.
     As we saw the months ahead unfolding she met two, not one, men who she would become interested in.  Now here is where the catch comes in.  These Miracle Doors that are brought to us by the Universe have some minor details to sort out.  In this case, it is the personalities of the men.  We are all having soul contracts with all who we come in contact with us in any kind of personal way.  There are Karmic past reasons we have volunteered, from a higher consciousness, to meet these souls in this present life. However, nothing will ever be smooth sailing in human life relationships.  We are complicated.
     Actually, as our souls become more and more advanced, we demand that the involvements be complicated.  That is how our soul gets stronger and stronger.  So these two men have their issues that we saw.  I could tell the client really didn’t look forward to the challenges of dealing with the two men and their problems.  But that is where all the juicy stuff is.  As we get more and more involved, we evolve.  Get it?
     The Miracles happen when we step through the doors that have shadowy inside views for us.  Our higher consciousness and our Guides fully know what lays ahead for us, but they know we are strong enough to do this, and must do this, to be successful in this life and complete our soul’s desire.  The choices we make are everything.
     We saw that Lorraine would meet one man at the new group event she was attending, and the other one at the Pow-Wow later in the Summer. I hope Lorraine is watching for the interesting Miracle Doors that are brought to her in order to meet these two men. There will be no coincidences.
     Another great client, Tonya, has a great experience of seeing her Miracle Doors open for her.  In Colorado Springs, Tonya came to me for a reading about changing jobs.  She is in commercial insurance and had applied for a job in Texas with a company that she believed would be more interesting and challenging than her present one.
     We were able to see in the cards the exact day she would be offered the job!  Right on schedule, they called her and she accepted the job.  The company would move her to Texas.  A few months later, Tonya called for a reading, and told me she was once again bored.
She basically is overqualified for the day to day interaction with clients, and wants a different kind of challenge for herself.
    Not by accident, the Universe brought her the Miracle Door, and Tonya answered with opened arms.  The Marketing Dept. of this commercial insurance agency had a staff person out while she gave birth to her first child.  They asked if Tonya would like to help out while the woman was taking her maternal leave.  Tonya knew nothing about marketing.
     Weeks later, she called for a reading on the whole matter.  I saw in the cards that the lady would come back to work, but only for a few weeks, and then decide to quit permanently.  Tonya had already asked the manager to consider her for the position, if this happened.  So far all the company knows is that the lady will be coming back after the baby.  Tonya, to her surprise, loves the work!
     It is challenging, every day is different, and it is a role she could stay with for a long time and still progress in the company.
Here is a case of someone seeing the Miracle Door in front of her, and she gladly stepped through.  I saw that the company will eventually offer her the job latter this summer!
     The choice is always yours.  We have free will.  The Guides and the Universe understand how hard change is for all of us.  But many times through disappointment, a better door opens, and we must be brave enough to step through it.  These are Miracle Doors sent with love and light and inspiration from our loving Universe and Guides.
     All of us have these Miracle Doors coming to us every week, every month.  It is all in our attitude of how we are receiving them.  Sometimes, for example, we don’t understand why people don’t receive our work with praise.  We have worked hard on a project, and all we get is “it could have been better”.
     If, in your heart, you know you gave it your all, then that door NEEDS to close for you.  You are NOT going down the path you came here for in this life.  Be ready to leap into a new Miracle Door!  Because if you look up, the Miracle Door is going to be shown to you shortly after this sad event happens for you.  But you must be ready to MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!
     Remember all your Guides want you to know is they love you and want to bring you all the light they can to you life here on earth!
Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….

Love and light to you,  Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……