The Transformation I want to talk about today is US! Yes, you may not feel like you are a lightworker some days when all you can do is come through the door after work and wonder what you can eat for dinner.

But you have been the strong and brave soul that has drug your body and mind through all the changes that have gone on in the planet’s vibration for the last several years, really since the Harmonic Conversion in 1987.

Though you don’t physically realize this you have transformed from a carbon based make-up to a crystalline based make-up. You, you big, strong, steady soul, have come through to the 5th dimensional world a better and wiser one for it.

As Lauren Gorgo, of Think With Your Heart,, who has been posting on this shift for years, says:
We have finally come to the period in time on earth when we are creating a reality based on the truth of who we truly, divinely, authentically are…. that which indubitably serves the higher plan. All that’s required is the courage to BE…… unapologetically YOU.

I liken this transformation to how Kaitlyn Jenner must feel today. For years she struggled with just being a superior athlete, winning olympic medals, marrying and having 5 children plus three adopted ones, being on a reality TV series, when all she really wanted to be was a female super star of her own reality series.

Well, she will wait no longer. She must speak and move from her heart. Nothing can start the new Kaitlyn and the courage she has by speaking her truth.

That is exactly what this transformation is for all of us. You see and hear stories of female lawyers leaving their practice to open their own bakery business. Others will walk away from corporate jobs to start teaching their own form of self improvement or coaching business out of their home. While still others, will radically shift from construction work which is grueling and uncertain to a teaching degree because they love to work with the young minds so eager to soak up the knowledge.

Even, myself, after over 30 years in real estate, I am now following my dream. I dreamed of this career when I was a teenager and into my 20s. I was fascinated with past life regression, astrology and intuitive, psychic skills. My dreams all came true right down to the ability to travel while doing my work. I love to travel!

So, back to this transformation thing. The message is that none of us can continue to make progress with our life goals if we are only thinking of the practical reasons we must stay in our careers. We tell ourselves we have mortgages to pay, car payments, and kids to raise. We can’t possibly leave those professions.

If that job or skill is no longer feeding your soul and your heart, you will find that doors keep closing on you. Your heart is the muscle that now leads this train. You must follow the passion you have for life to enjoy all its rewards. And rewards you shall have.

Lightworkers, we were meant to strengthen our hearts and soul through all these past years of steadfastness to be ready for the rewards.

The reward time is here. You will find your life getting smoother, easier, less complicated than it has ever been. Take advantage of the joy and happiness that slides into your day! Discover what makes you smile and follow that smile…….

In Leaving…….

Rock your reality with open hearted, mad, wicked moments of devotional bliss and awesomeness!!!

It’s not the destination, but the journey along the way.

Love and Light to you, Lee