To be on this earth is truly a blessing. Take it all in while you can.  Don’t the days just fly by?  And I learned another lesson about being on this earth today.  I want to share it with you.  Because while we have so many senses, five, to get us through our day of beauty, we also have the sixth sense, intuition.  Do you listen to yours?

I was in a session with a sister of a friend of mine doing a past life regression with her for the first time.  We will call her Susan and her husband, we will call John.  As we sat down to do the “intake” before we began, I asked her if there was anything she would like to pursue in the session.  I never want to fail to get answers for clients when they come for a session.  Susan said “no” and in fact her life was pretty wonderful.  She had a loving husband and two grown children.  John also had two grown children from his first marriage.  (The all American family today.)  Susan just felt it was time to have a past life regression.

The only thing that she made a note of was that her husband had had a heart attack 7 years ago and had slipped into a coma.  The doctors didn’t think he was going to make it.  In the hospital hall, as Susan was alone and very fearful of losing John, she felt a warm light take over the hall, and a light being came right up to her, she couldn’t see him, she could just feel him.  He was making her feel that everything was going to work out “ok” for John.  Indeed, John survived and is doing great today.

I made a note of this and we began the session.  Susan experienced two past lives with a common theme.  In both of them, she experienced single lives.  In the first one, her husband died from a horse accident early on in Nevada in the early 1900’s.  She remained single for the rest of her life which ended in 1943.  In the second past life, she was a nurse in the 1700’s in Holland.  She never married and gave her life to helping others.

Later, we met her Master Guide, which was Jesus.  Jesus guides many souls, but it is still very special to have him as a personal Master Guide.  He explained that she had been so fearful of losing her husband and being alone in her current life, he had wanted to show Susan that she had had single lives and had done very well with them in previous lives,  even contented with them as she aged.

The reason I am telling you all this is because of what happened next.  I asked if there was a past life between the one that ended in 1943 and her current one as Susan.  Jesus said yes, a short one.  I knew from experience that our guides show us what we need to see, so I didn’t think anything about not being shown her most previous life.  I assumed it was not a very important life for her.

Well, never assume anything in hypnotherapy.  All of a sudden, my mind was nudging me to ask more and more questions about the most recent past life.  Between 1943 and her present birth there was only 24 years.  A short life.  My guides were on me to pursue.  As soon as I put it aside, I distinctively felt a “nudge” to keep asking questions.  At first she saw nothing about this most recent past life.  However, soon, it all just poured out of her. She started telling me of a life as a singer in Chicago.  She was very fearful.  Fearful of her surroundings, her neighborhood, and her part of town.  She was afraid, this young, inexperienced woman, of being broken into in her apartment and robbed or worse.  Next, tragically, at 24, she was driving in her car alone, and had an accident on a bridge and the car dove over the railing into the water and she drowned there.

Next, I asked Susan if today she had a fear of driving.  She said she did, and that she feared she was going to be in an accident!  She went onto say that she had had panic attacks ever since her husband had had his heart attack.! She hadn’t bothered to mention that small detail earlier.  After all this discussion, I asked Jesus, her guide, if we should do an attachment release on this death to relieve her of the trauma of that past life that was so effecting her today.  He said yes, and I performed the release.  He said she would now heal from the trauma and the panic attacks would end.

If I had not listened to the constant “nudging” from my guides, we would have missed the most important reason Susan was there today.  She had blocked it out of her mind out of fear, but the most recent past life trauma is why she came to have the session today.

Do you push things out of your mind that keep re-occuring in your thoughts.  Don’t you think you should just try my suggestion as an experiment.  Just listen to your thoughts and play them out.  Follow up on the ideas that just keep penitrating your mind’s thoughts.  Your guides may be telling you the most important next step you should be taking for your soul’s path.  They want to help you, please let them.

So this is my complimentary lesson for you today.  The next time an idea, out of the blue, comes into your mind, DON’T dismiss it.  Don’t tell yourself it’s just some crazy idea your monkey mind is thinking.  Do you hear a song in your mind, do you hear a book title, or do you keep seeing a scene of a movie from long ago.  Those are simple things your guides can retreave from your mind that are simple messages.  What do these messages mean to you?  Think about it and see if you can get some answers for your NEXT STEP.

You are welcome, very much. Oh, and by the way, Jesus told Susan that he was the one in the hall seven years ago telling her John was going to be “ok”.

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….


Love and light to you,  Lee