The Past Life Regression with the Big Surprise at the End!
 Lee Mitchell
May 11, 2021
Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
Above is a painting I did for a friend of mine, Shaylene Wright, many years ago as she was moving to California for a time being for work. I call it Talking Heads.
I love the colors used in this work.
Today, I want to revisit a session I had at the end of April, just last month. It started off seeming to be a pretty understandable session. The woman, I will call her Bella, stated that she had a resistance to many things and was hoping to get some understanding about why she felt this way in her life today. Maybe, she thought, it might be coming from experiences from past lives. And so we started the session:
In the first life, she saw herself walking among the trees until she came upon a cabin. She knew she lived there.
She was a male named Dave. It was 1830 in Holland and he lived there with his friend, Josh. (She saw that the soul of Josh was the soul of her present husband, Robert).
Dave had a very strenuous life doing manual labor. For 36 years, Dave saw himself doing the same manual labor. He was still with Josh, but he was not happy in the relationship. He was in love with Josh, (In a homasexual relationship), but Dave said that Josh had a girlfriend! He saw himself in a button-up shirt and overalls all his work life. At 51, he was tired and old. Josh was gone and he was still in the cabin by himself.
At 56 years old, he saw that he was drinking, and it finally caused his death. He was ready to go.
Bella saw that her soul’s path in this past life as Dave was to learn Love. She felt that she really didn’t realize that path, because even though she loved Josh, he did not return the love. She saw that she was just supposed to be there for Josh, and that was the contract between them. That she did accomplish that for him.
The second life was much more horrific for her soul’s experience to go through. She started the first scene as a little 7 year old girl. Bella saw that she wore a dress and had on white leggings and black shoes. Her name was Elizabeth, and the year was 1954 in Kentucky.
Elizabeth is just walking around, and the next scene she is in a basement. Something happened to her. Someone did this to her. She saw someone pulling out some of her teeth. Then she saw acid on her face. He was hitting her nose, messing it up badly. She did recognize the soul of this Sociapath as her cousin, Victor, today. The stranger just left her there. People found her, but they were never able to find and charge the man who did this to her.
Elizabeth stayed with her family the rest of her life. She never left her family home. At 60 years old, we see that other family members were still in the house with her.
She passes at 76, never having really had an adult life on her own at all.
Bella hears her higher self tell her the soul contract in that life was to not be afraid when tragedy occurs. She really didn’t accomplish that path, because she retreated into her family to feel safe for the rest of her life. Our souls put us through some pretty scary paths to toughen us up, and sometimes we as humans are just not ready to step up to the task of the higher self’s plan.
I performed an attachment release on Elizabeth’s life. I used light energy and the help of Bella and My Guides energy to perform the release. This past life is what was causing Bella to be so resistant to so many things in her present life today. Her soul had become used to stepping away from challenges in Elizabeth’s life. It carried over into Bella’s life today.
Now we begin the BIG SURPRISE:
As we bring through three of Bella’s guides, the Master Guide appears as a loving, female Fairy. 5’8″, luminescent skin, and long hair. Her name is “Jasmine.”
Next she sees coming through a Dragon. Bella says he looks kinda scary, but he is here to make her stronger. He wants to be called “Dragon.”
(At this point, because I have had so many cases of souls that have had past lives from the Fairy Realm, I am beginning to think she is a soul from the Fairy Realm by the nature of her guides.)
The third guide came through as a Mermaid. Bella says it is mostly greenish and bluish and looks like a full sized Mermaid. She wants to be called “Saturn.”
Now, with this information, the session takes a totally different route. I ask Bella if she is a soul from the Fairy Realm. She says “Yes.” Then I ask her to ask her Master Guide, Jasmine, how many human lives has she had since she left the Fairy Realm. She tells me Jasmine says 5!
Now I totally understand why Bella put herself through those most difficult past lives. She, as a recent soul to human lives, was trying to tougher herself up really quickly. In the Fairy Realm, the world is full of love. These creatures always have luminescent skin, and can be small in size of only inches, or full size like humans. But their duty is to aid and protect the forests, the flowers, the small animals, such as squirrels, rabbits, dear, and birds, of the forests. Some, I have worked with, even work with the wind. But it is loving and protective existence.
When we ask the Guides to tell Bella about her path today, they said she was doing well. She was married in this life and happy. She was trained as an engineer and was really pushing herself to do well.
The advice the Guides gave her was to try to pick one thing at a time to work on. They told her she was pushing herself too hard as a soul to toughen up. They told her to enjoy this life more. They told her she can be whatever she wants. She said she was excited to be a land engineer.
It was no surprise that she wanted to work with the land!!!
That evening, I received an email from Bella that helped explain even more about her as a soul.
Usually, in sessions with a Fairy Realm soul, we will discover this truth early on, but not with Bella. Here is why:
She told me that she had been a little overwhelmed by the sadness and confusion of the two lives she saw. Bella said she didn’t tell me all that she saw.
When she walked down the stairs and through the door to begin the first scene of the first past life, she saw that she was in the Fairy Realm looking like a female elf.
Bella said she saw eggs of different colors and sparkling plants so she thought she was thinking about Easter, since it had just passed, and she ignored what she saw. In the email she said that it wasn’t like our outdoors, it was much richer and sweeter.
Then coming upon Dave’s cabin, and the woods where she lived, Bella was scared. She said she saw herself enter as a dark haired female elf, barefoot. Then she morphed into Dave as she looked in the mirror to see the life; a dirty-blonde haired man of muscular build.
At the time, she felt silly to say what she was seeing. Bella says now she gets it all. She also told me that in meditation in the past, she had seen the cabin, and Josh, Dave’s lover, and felt the hopelessness. Now she knows why she had those feelings after seeing the complete past life.
To end this story, Bella said, that before going to the session, her husband kept repeating that she was an elf but she didn’t want to believe him. She tried ignoring anything that would make her think that. Bella told me “Thank You” so much for confirming what my husband has said multiple times. She was ready to BELIEVE IT NOW!!!
Thank you Bella for letting me share this story. Many people may think this is unbelievable, but after many, many cases of souls coming from the Fairy Realm, I know that it is true.
Some clues that you might be a soul from the Fairy Realm:
A) You have many figurines in your home of fairy statues, squirrels, deer, etc.
B) You like to do many, many things outdoors. Your career may be in land, plants, landscaping, or do to with animals.
C) Your heart reaches out to anyone you see being hurt or abused. (As that was your role in the Fairy Realm)
D) You can dream, meditate, or daydream and you see beautiful, luminescent scenes of forests, meadows, or water that is more magical than anything on the Earth Realm.
Are You a SOUL from the Fairy Realm?
Love and light to you all, Lee
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