Happy Happy Holidays to everyone! Recently Dan gave me an early Christmas present. He took me to see Avatar The Way of Water on it’s first day opening. He knows I am a big movie buff from childhood. Now after all these years, we don’t go to the movies like we used to, but my all time favorite of all the movies I had seen up until this one was Avatar, the original back in 2009. Maybe it’s because I am such a animal and nature lover, but the movie really spoke to my heart. I remember the theatre in Denver I went to on Christmas day in 2009 and how DAZED I was when I left.
James Cameron is the director, the screenplay writer, and the producer of the original one as well as such greats as the Titanic and The Deep. Once again, he has brought a sequel that envelopes all he has to offer in a movie to moviegoers.
I must tell you, Avatar the Way of Water, is even better than the original! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9MyW72ELq0 This is the Link to watch the You Tube introduction video of the movie. I came away with love in my heart for all animals because of their intelligence, their kindness for other animals, and their inner knowing that we know they all have.
Yes, some of the characters of the Pandora blue people are limited in their scope. But there was a lot going on in this movie, as the Sky People once again came to Pandora to chase down Jack Sully, who had now transformed from a human to one of the Pandora people. The Earth was dying in this future time and the Sky People want to adopt Pandora for their own use.
But for me, Pandora is what I wish Humans could be. They connect with the water animals, the whales, the dolphins (their form of dolphins that fly), as if they are the super intelligent beings we know them to be. They treat them as equals. They treat the flying dragons they ride as equals, along with all the large creatures of their jungles who help them fight the Sky People (humans from Earth). They respect their skills and work in unison with them to accomplish the offensive against the invaders.
The families on Pandora are close, they love their children and respect their need for growth, challenge, and more as they raise them to think for themselves no matter the risks. The Pandora beings are definitely in a higher dimension than humans. They no longer kill other creatures for food. You see them eating fruit and one fish was hunted at the beginning of the show. They live among the trees and respect all of nature around them. Yes, they are beings that can handle that lifestyle, but maybe humans would adapt in the future, if we were put to the test of working with nature more.
All in all, I ask you to check out the movie this holiday and give me your feedback on what you think this futurist movie is all about.
Love and Light to You and Merry Christmas