Lee Mitchell                                      
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer

We Just Experienced a New Moon Eclipse on June 21 as well as the Summer Solstice.  I hope you celebrated the beginning of Summer and Father’s Day by enjoying the great outdoors or backyard with your loved ones.

We are in a series of Eclipses.  June 5th, June 21st and the final one is July 4-5th.  We are leaving the combination of Capricorn-Cancer for Moon and Sun and moving into the Gemini-Sagittarius grouping.  New Moons give us all new starts to what is for all a very trying in human history–the Corona Virus.
We are loosing up our restrictions and trying a “New Normal”.  But many have suffered layoffs, firings and more  that will change their life forever.  We will all get through this together, but a new life is here and upon us all.  Our souls are here for a reason at this very time in history to be strong to prevail beyond this present devastating time.
Speaking of “here for a reason”, have any of you ever experienced a Future Life?  In my first book, the Soul’s Journey, I tell of a future life experience in the last chapter.  It was an overlapping parallel life to her present life and it was affecting the client greatly.  Future lives can also show us good things that we can look forward to on Earth in the distance  future as humans learn and evolve.
Recently I conducted two future lives session with my client Mark Smith.  He is from Denver and has experienced a session previously with me seeing two past lives.  He emailed to ask if we could look to the future and ask for future lives to shown in the second session.  We were both excited to see what would be shown to him.
In the first life he arrived on Earth in a scene in the year 2149. His living environment looked very sterile.  Very little furniture and colors were all pastel in his home.  Even his clothing was very simple and drab colored. He found himself in South America. It was dark and skies were overcast at all times. There were still buildings in the cities but no one went to the cities anymore to work. It looked vacant everywhere.
He was a scientist of some kind.  His own mind and body was the instrument he used to analyze the outside environment he was studying.  The computers seem to be interactive with his body.  He didn’t need a keyboard. He interacted organically.
People don’t physically connect anymore.  They tele-communicate to each other  The world felt very empty, Mark said.  People didn’t gather in groups anymore.  There has been a great deal of death all over the world.  There is a certain level of sadness that he felt each and every day.  Even when the deaths began happening, no one understood what was causing humans to die.
Human bodies have evolved. Long distance connection is made with the body. All are afraid of getting too close again.
Many do not work but are growing spiritually.  There is no reproducing organically anymore.
Mark tells me that people in that time don’t live very long anymore.  The human bodies are compromised by viruses.
He went on to say that the humans use so much more of their bodies as instruments. The interaction with another human is rare now. It is extremely lonely.  Many people go their entire lives without being with another human.
All of this change has been a combination of biological and environmental causes.  A lot of human abilities have derived from what we did to ourselves, Mark says.  Both accidentally and intentionally, as we recognized benefits, we pursued it to our detriment.  
Humans discovered more about how blood works.  But it was like Pandora’s box.  Humans began spreading diseases. It evolved us, but also killed billions. We rushed too fast and weren’t ready for the consequences. We ended up destroying the immune system in all of us.  That is why we are so far apart.   

After Mark got home, he painted the above painting to recall the scene he remembers about “Merril”, the name he went by in Brazil, South America.  The left low building is where “Merril” prepares his food.  The low building on the right is where he sleeps and communicates.  The black object in the center is some form of Satellite dish.

Merril avoids the abandoned building with the red roof.  But he goes there to take technical equipment to use in his work.
The second future life was VERY DIFFERENT.  The year is 3145 and Mark is a female named Charlotte,  She is on the North American Continent around the Arkansas state area.  But at this time the states and their names don’t exist anymore.    
As she ages to her 30s, Mark sees that Charlotte is married. She is very happy.  Conflict within anyone’s life at this time is very small.  She has no responsibilities.  Her and her husband, Mike, do something in nature to support themselves.
In this society, they have time to focus simply on themselves and their relationship. The quality of their life is of upmost importance.  Humans are not required to do manual work.  Yet, they are not hungry or worried about their life at all.  
They are very healthy.  Their needs are met automatically.  
The Earth has returned to a natural bounty.  The two of them know how to make the most out of what they have.  They do not use alcohol or eat red meat. They derive food and medicines from the Earth in a harmonious way.   Earth is recovering now.  It is still very empty by design.  Charlotte and Mike have a little girl named Charlotte as well.
The ability to interact with other humans has improved greatly.  There is a natural population growth going on and lots and lots of joy in childbirth and family time together.
Families are more appreciated for their nurturing capabilities. People appreciate who you are, not what you do.
Humans are mostly vegetarian.  They no longer raise animals for food. We live in harmony with Earth.  There is no war.  There are no vehicles.  Homes are incorporated into the landscape.  There is no commerce needed.  Each family grows its own food.
Humans don’t need antibiotics. You get everything  from the food–natural antibiotics. Human life span has greatly increased.  The common statement that Mark kept repeating over and over during the entire second future life, “I feel so at peace and so very happy and calm,” as Charlotte.
The difficulties of earlier times got humans to the other side to enjoy joy, peace and calmness organically.
Thank you all for sharing this experience with Mark and I.
Humans continue to learn to be better and more compassionate with each decade, each century in the future.