In My Sessions Meet Loved Ones in Present Life, Angelic Realm Souls, Old Earth Souls, Lives on Other Planets
 Lee Mitchell
March 16, 2021
Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
I Just finished a painting I have been painting off and on for about a year! Above is my oil painting of one of Claude Monet’s water color paintings. You cannot get the colors to blend as nicely with oils as you can with water colors, but I just wanted to paint it to honor Monet. I have always admired this Master’s ability to capture color.
I want to tell you about all the wonderful results of having a past life regression session with me. In the recent years, it’s becoming more and more clear that sessions are not just about past lives. Some clients are sent to me because of depression, anxiety, loneliness and fear. Does this sound familiar? We all have some of these traits at times. But for many it is much greater that just “every once in a while.”
I tell the clients that their higher consciousness sends them to me when their soul believes they are strong enough to have information about themselves in past experiences revealed, to help them be stronger in their present life.
There are many reasons to have a session. Each hypnotherapist’s session is different. In the two hours, a client will experience at least TWO past lives, not one.
In addition, while they are in that slightly altered state, we being through several of their Spirit Guides. The Guides will tell them more about why the particular lives were shown. The scenes that are shown are always to help with the client’s present life’s path.
But, many times, the sessions go in different directions that only the higher self knows about. For instance, if the client has recently lost a loved one, especially by suicide, the soul will many times greet the client as soon as the first scene is shown to them. The soul will begin to explain why it left it’s present life. Almost always, souls know when they are leaving this human life. Whether it be through illness, accident or even suicide, the soul was ready to leave. It either had accomplished what it came to do in this present life, or it needed to leave to join others in the soul group in a particular family association and to be born into that family group on Earth at a certain time.
Of course, the information that the soul who has passed tells the client brings them much comfort and allows them to move on their life, knowing that their love one is fine on the other side.
I am having a session with a 15 year old girl next week. Her parents have been concerned about her because she has been talking to spirits for quite some time. They are hoping to get some answers from the session. Many times these type of sessions will immediately go to the Guides on the other side. They will explain to the young girl that she has mediumship abilities and that the souls are ones who have not left earth yet and need help. I used to follow “The Ghost Whisperer” series on TV. Played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. That is what she did. She helped the souls to cross over and go to their loved ones on the other side.
But the young girl may just not want to listen to her guides. They may be trying to connect to her and she is fighting the connection because she is either afraid or thinking she is “different” and doesn’t want to feel that way. In my second book, “The Soul’s Divine River of Life” I had a case of a woman who would have nightmares of Monsters trying to reach her in dreams. She would wake her husband up in the middle of the night reacting to the dreams.
In her session, she discovered it was simply her guides trying to reach her and talk to her. She had mediumship abilities that she was ignoring. I saw her a year later, and she looked like a different person, she was happy and smiling and helping people with her abilities.
But there other reasons people come for sessions. So many souls from the Angelic Realm are coming for sessions. This will probably be the main topic of my next book. These souls are new to earth, they have not been coming for centuries and centuries like most of us. Of course, the reason they are now coming to incarnate is because our Earth needs so much help. Mother Earth is the leader in this, but souls are its Guardian. We as souls on Earth are entering major life changes in the next several years, even decades, on Earth. The economics are changing, the global warming is affecting us all and is getting greater in its intensity, and even our money systems are about to all start changing. This has all been told to me by client’s guides in many sessions over and over.
These loving Angelic Souls have had only a few lives on Earth. I have met some with only one, two, or three lives as a human. They are scared of other people because of their harsh and even cruel intentions. All they know on the inside is love for other souls. They are trying to spread the love energy that they so strongly hold, but at the same time, trying to have relationships and families. This is all new to these souls and they feel very ill prepared. The session greatly helps them understand who they are as a soul and what their purpose is…… to spread love.
The soul experience that seems to be the hardest test is a Light Being Soul. Some call them Interplanetary Souls.
As we start the session, many clients do not even know this about themselves. They may say things like: ” I just don’t seem to fit in with my surroundings. I have the most unusual allergies, or reactions to food, or I feel different from others.” This is in response to the fact that they do not feel quite comfortable in their own skin yet.
In the initial scenes, we may go to a totally different atmosphere. They will start telling me of landscaping that is not like anything on Earth. I immediately start asking questions about what they look like. They will describe their form as somewhat human, but they may have distinctive differences, like fins on parts of their bodies, or they have a form like a human but it has no hard parts, it is a “Being of Light”.
Many times, another group of souls have over taken the client’s home planet and the souls had to make the decision to leave and Earth is always a preferred life experience. One case I had a few months ago was from a life on Sirius. He had had 12 previous lives on Earth at our session (I always ask). Eric (Not his real name) had chosen to be a slave in a previous life to have the experience. He had run away from his master in 1831 and had been captured. The master took him back and amputated one of his legs. He lived a hard life trying to overcome the handicap. In his present life, he had a birthmark right where the amputation had taken place.
His soul is a very old soul and is strong enough to experience these difficult lives to advance his soul and be an example of strength to others. On Sirius, his hands were webbed and he had fins on the back of his neck. In his second life, he was a messenger in WWI and carried very important war messages across the front lines.
His present path is to show how strong a soul can be to others. Most Light Beings are here to help Earth grow in a strong way and to help fight the darkness and any entities that may promote the darkness.
The session for Eric answered so may questions he had. It confirmed what many of his thoughts had been about himself. It now allows him to understand he is on the right path today. He is to lead by example. He told me he feels energies of the shift greatly, from the 3D world to the new 5D world presently and stronger with each day.
Why am I delving into all the different soul types and experiences? To help all of you to know, you are not alone. If you are feeling any anxiety, fear, loneliness, or depression, or if you feel confused, or lightheaded at times. It may be that your soul needs to be grounded. They way to do that is to understand your purpose on this life and have it confirmed by a session to truly believe in your special talents.
The last group is the most prevalent. An Old Earth Soul is what most of us are. I say we are here to be in the trenches to help everyone else as they mature as a soul. We work hard, we have loving experiences, but we remain resilient and strong when the tough times show up, like they most certainly are now with the Pandemic and Global Warming. You are strong enough to do this because you have probably had hundreds and hundreds of past lives to make you confident in your abilities!
All the souls on earth at this time are very strong. We knew we would be coming in the several generations to help the planet shift over this most tramatic time in it’s history. You Can Do This!
Love and Light to You All, Lee