The Painting above is one I painted about 17 years ago in Crestone, Colorado. We have it hanging in our living room because it is so indicative of the surroundings of our new home; Cactus, Sandia Peaks mountains, and Lizards. I guess even some 17 years ago, this environment was close to my heart. And here we are! We have been in our new home one month today. It feels surreal that so much has happened so quickly. We finally received our new sectional for the living room last week, after selling our old sofa and love seat on Craig’s List here in Albuquerque. Everything is unpacked, we have visited Santa Fe, gone hiking up the Sandia Peaks trails a few times, and we feel pretty settled in.
I picked this painting to talk about today because it represents our mind looking off to the horizon and seeing a new adventure, a new path, and new chapter. Yes, the shadows let you know the mountains are very far away, the trail between the small trees and sequoia cactus seems very long, yet it is sooooo inviting.
That is what change is. When I do readings for clients, that is the number one thing they want to know. Should I make this change? Every human is afraid of change. The unknown is frightening to us.
Yet, it is the one constant in all of the human condition. Change is inevitable for all of us. But the risk of failure and happiness scares us all.
In all of our lives, doorways appear. You have to decide,” Do I walk through that doorway to a better life, a better opportunity, a better chance at happiness, or Do I close the door and stay where I am.”
Right now on Earth, humans are changing at a rapid pace. I can tell in the clients I get for past life regressions. They want to know if they should move, break up their relationships, leave their present jobs, return to their homeplace where they grew up, and it goes on and on. Those cactus look so pretty, but they hold a great deal of thorns. Most humans are very leary of feeling the pain of the thorns that are present when we takes these big leaps of faith and step through a risky doorway.
But if I can give you some advice from a facilitator who has worked with souls for over 15 years, go with your gut. Your gut is actually your higher consciousness talking to you. I call it the Puppet and the Puppeteer. Your higher self is the Puppeteer. It knows your soul’s path better than you do. You, the human, are the Puppet. When the Puppeteer sees a door that you need to step through, it will start pulling the strings. You just get this inner knowing that it’s the right cactus to walk near to get on your path. It just “feels” right. Please listen to your higher consciousness, the Puppeteer, telling you to brave up and take the RISK!
It will never steer you wrong. Dan and I didn’t really want to leave his family nearby in Colorado Springs, and my family in Texas. But our market was so hot in Highlands Ranch, and we knew we wanted a warmer climate after so much snow in Denver. The risk was a little scary, but it went pretty smoothly and our realtors on both ends were fantastic. Dana, in Denver, and Shirley, in Santa Fe. Both ladies were with Re/Max. It was ssccaarry. But we made the right decision. We both love the climate. Right now we are in the mid-80’s to low 90’s. Though the winds have caused so much fire damage, and we feel so much for the people who have lost their homes. we do so enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets!
We know we made the right decision. You too have choices to make about your life. The vibration of the earth is escalating all the time, and humans and animals are being effected by it. If you feel the nudge to make changes, don’t ignore them. Just like the lizard, be brave, cross that sand, past the cactus, to the better land on the other side, whether it be job change, home change, relationship change, go with your GUT!
I also want to talk about the three stones on our mantel above the fireplace that you see in the picture above. Dan’s wonderful sister, Debbie, passed away last year from the Covid virus. She was only 66. She was in the hospital for several weeks and they had her on oxygen, but her lungs never recovered from the damage. She was a wonderful, loving spirit and had a loving husband, Bob, of over 50 years, that is still in their home in Thousand Oaks, CA. Debbie always had a wonderful display of crystals, and Dan brought two back from the memorial.
Dan, as a memorial to Debbie, also bought the pillar stone in the center. From left to right, we have the blue crystal, Celestite, the Sodalite stone is the pillar shape, and the Purple and grey crystal is the Ionite stone. All three bring calmness, intuitiveness, and peacefulness. When anyone comes into our living space, they will feel the effects of Debbie, we hope, and absorp the energy of that calmness as well.
Celestite: Promotes inner and outer harmony. Connects with Angelic guides, spiritual guides, and expands awareness
Sodalite: Brings order and calmness to the mind. Helps to open the third eye to promote connection to your higher consciousness. Sodalite brings emotional balance and clams panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and helps clear the mind.
Ionite: After the greek word: “ios” meaning Purple. It has been loved by cultures through history and is referred to as the Viking’s compass. Ionite has been used by Shamans to enhance their ability to have clear vision. It promotes clear thought, intuition and self-acceptance.
I would recommend that if you are contemplating taking the BIG RISK to makes changes in your life, pick up a celestite crystal, a sodalite stone, or an ionite crystal to calm yourself and let your energies open to your intuition, your higher self, and let the Puppeteer make that decision for you!
Love and Light to You,