My New Book, “The Awakened Soul,” has arrived! It is up on Amazon and on my website to order. Please go to my website,, to read more about the content. Many of the cases were during the Pandemic and you can tell why I named the book the “Awakened” soul. Many of the clients are seeing insight into why they are here as souls in this time period, or why they have the path they have, or why they are meant to carry the light for others around them at this time on Earth.
I want to discuss two very important astrological transits taking place and about to take place in the near future to help all of us be prepared for the changes that are happening in our human society at this time in Earth’s history.
Saturn has been Squaring Uranus for two years. It will continue through November as they will be at 16 degrees and 19 degrees, but they will be easing up in December. However, in October they will be at exactly 18 degrees, 90 degrees apart for a perfect square. These two planets are opposites of each other. Saturn is grounded, stern in it’s lessons, and consistent. Uranus is out-of-the-blue energy, unexpected, and anything but consistent. In the past, history has shown that these two energies change the shape of our history on Earth.
Some examples:
Black Monday, October 19, 1987
Saturn was conjuncting Uranus Bubble, October 4, 2002
Saturn was trining Uranus
Financial Crisis, 2007-2008
Saturn opposed Uranus
When our present square between Saturn and Uranus peaks this October, it does not mean the stock market will crash because Uranus always surprises us. But be on the lookout for some big changes in October. This transit only happens every 22 years! WOW
The other major transit I want to discuss with you is Pluto moving into Aquarius. It has been in Capricorn for almost 20 years currently. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023. It will not leave until January 19, 2044. 20 years it stays in Aquarius! Last time this transit happened was July 1789 in France; the people stormed the Bastille for their freedom from suppression, and the French Revolution began. Pluto marks generational themes of historical significance. Plus Pluto always shows us where suppression has been experienced and can not longer be suppressed.
Pluto brings deep transformation and upheaval in matters associated with its sign. As Pluto has been in Capricorn, we have seen a global financial crisis, partially caused by the Pandemic, and there has been turmoil, politically and economically.
But as Pluto enters Aquarius, which is a collective planet that works with groups and communities, Pluto brings new ideas that confront the powers that be. It will bring new scientific discoveries that revolutionize the economic system that may alter the social order. Groups will be standing up for their freedom. Sound familiar? We are already seeing this in the strong Ukrainians that are fighting for their freedom from Russia. Russia did not expect this outcome for sure.
The younger generations will be stepping up and taking charge. We are already seeing this in Russia where the Generation Zers are not watching the controlled TV but are on Social Media and seeing the REAL truth.
Granted, I think all of us would agree some of our systems need change and NOW. The middle class has been carrying the weight of our economic world for too long. Let the change begin!!!
Love and Light to You,