Rune Stone Predictions for 2024

Lee Mitchell January 10, 2024

Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
Happy New Year! Hope your Holidays were warm, happy, and loving. We spent a quiet Christmas in Albuquerque with a few friends over for yummy food. One of my gifts to Dan was to go to Pappadeaux’s Cayan Restaurant for New Year’s Eve. It’s one of our favorites and it did not disappoint!

I would like to do the Rune Stone Predictions for 2024. I have not been spending time with the Rune Stones as in years passed and I am eager to get back to them. I have taught classes on the Rune Stones in the past. I actually started do psychic readings decades ago with Rune Stones, but switched to Tarot because so many more people know Tarot over the Runes.

My set of Rune Stones were made in the San Luis Valley of Colorado using the red sand stone of the mountains to make them. I lived in Crestone, Colorado for 8 1/2 years and actually met the couple who made them. They are very special to me……

I will shuffle the stones, pull two, and then explain the meanings for each month.

Next, I will return the two stones to the pile, shuffle the group of stones, and pull the next two for the following month, and on and on until I have all the year for you.

There is much meaning in each stone and combining two together is like reading 6 Tarot Cards. They have a world of meanings and options to each stone. And they are just as accurate as Tarot Cards when you ask them questions.

The Stones were used in the Viking times to decide on crop plantings, marriages, and when to have their soldiers join into battle. Today all the meanings of the Stones have changed to relate to today’s issues and they are still very intuitive.

January 2024 Fehu and Mannaz

Great Way to start the year off. It is all about self. Not others but you, and you alone. The relationship to yourself is primary, and this calls for deep probing into the meaning of profit and gain in your life. Be vigilant and mindful of what you already have, but this is a time of major growth and rectification and opportunity for joy.

February 2024 Ansuz Reversed and Fehu Reversed

Oops! We need to take a step back. Lack of clarity, communications and a sense of futility is upon us for February. We reached out for our goals, but missed. We watch helplessly as our gain dwindles. What do we need to learn from this lesson? We now have an opportunity to see where our true joy and nourishment lies. Consider the uses of adversity…….

March 2024 Thuriaz and Teiwaz Reversed

Thuriaz is the shape of two gates. Work is to be done on the inside and outside before we go through the gateway. Add to that Teiwaz reversed and and it means that through hasty or ill timed action, we may make the wrong decisions for ourselves. Instead of lusty after outcomes, we need to go within and contemplate our future…

April 2024 Mannaz Reversed and Wunjo Reversed

Old habits need to be broken here. The process of new birth is long and fears arise. Do not turn to others, but once again, go within and look for patience. Things are slow to come to conclusion, but don’t doubt yourself.

May 2024 Gebo and Thuriaz Reversed

Partnerships are at hand. It may be love relationships, business partnerships, or partnering of anykind. The partnership can also be with the Divine. Recognizing the divine in all things, God. But this partnership is with whole beings who retain their separateness even as they unite. There is a quickening of the development at this time. But take time to reconsider the old and integrate the new.

June 2024 Gebo and Kano

Once again, partnerships are at hand. Now clarity is certain. The darkness that has been around for several months, is now ending, and you are free to receive the gifts and to know the joy of giving concerning this partnership. Kano stresses clear intent at the beginning of any endeavor in relationships. Understanding is here!

July 2024 Inguz and Laguz

The completion of beginnings is what Inguz requires. A joyful deliverance, a new life, a new path. It is a Rune of great power. You have the strength to achieve completion. And your intuitive and lunar side is awakening. Studying spiritual matters is a readiness for this self-transformation.

Connect to your inner rhythm at this time.

August 2024 Berkana and Odin

It is the end and it is the beginning. It is a birth of a new era for you. Whether it’s family matter, relationship to the self or the to the Divine. It is a blossoming and ripening. It’s gentle and penetrating energy. Be modest, fair, and generous as this new chapter unfolds. This is a test of faith to leap empty handed into the future. Know that self change is progressing in your life…

September 2024 Othila and Dagaz

Separation is called for. Image an onion with all its layers, skins must be peeled back. But with this giving up of something, you will receive an inheritance. You may be required to change positions, move from your location, or just simply move on from outmoded relationships. But you will be experiencing a major shift or breakthrough in self change. Abundance and success is the result of this huge change and transformation in self and the life around you.

October 2024 Laguz Reversed Algiz Reversed

Be careful to not overreach and strive too hard at this time. Use your instinct and don’t exceed your strength. Look carefully at the associations you form at this time. Take responsibility for your position. You make experience a set back, but you will always learn from what takes place. Look to getting back to your inner balance. Go within to honor the receptive side of yourself.

November 2024 Jera and Kano Reversed

Beneficial outcome is assured. But you must be committed. No quick results should be expected. You have prepared the ground and planted the seed, and now you must wait for harvest. There is a part of yourself that is no longer appropriate to the person you are becoming. Be patient, and it leads to harvest of the self.

December 2024 Odin and Ehwaz

Once again, self change is upon you. As you make these changes that you are so ready for and have been patient to see them mature, physical things around you may change. New dwelling places, new work that you are doing, new attitudes or even a whole new life. There is a sense of gradual development and steady progress and accompanying this growth are shifts and changes.

This could be in a business, development of an idea, or even a relationship that undergoes changes. You have reached some safety in your position and you shall have good fortune come to you.

Well, that’s it!!! Let me know how these affect your year!

If anyone is interested, I have a seven Rune Stone spread that goes to a 10 rune stone spread for more detail, if you are working with the Rune Stones and want more detail, let me know and I will send it to you.