Greetings from my home office. I am sure many of you are reading this from your home as well.  Dan’s company has asked all it’s employees to work from home if possible.  Our Mayor of Denver just instated all businesses must work on 50% employee status and if possible stagger their shifts at the place of their business.  Already, restaurants, beauty salons, nail care, gyms, and non-essential businesses have been asked to close.
There is a feeling of fear for all of us because of the unknown.  No one on this earth has ever gone through this time of a invisible enemy attacking us before.  The COVID-19 virus can only be somewhat compared to the 1918 influenza epidemic, or Spanish flu.  At the time over 500 million or one third of the world’s population became infected.
We now know that social distancing is our only prevention.
I have attached a great explanation of the meaning of what social distancing does for us during this time.  It is from a Medical Doctor in Chicago asked to speak at the Governor’s briefing today in Illinois.  The doctor asks for you to look at it in a totally new way.  I think you will find it very enlightening.
A few days ago I woke up at 2 am and could not go back to sleep.  I decided to meditate and call in my angels, guides, and the brotherhood ( my ascended beings that guide me) to help me and all of us at this difficult time.  The feeling was that we are going to pull together as we have not done so for a long, long time.  Helping each other to be safe, checking on our elderly neighbor to see if they need groceries delivered,  and even buying some food for a friend out of work right now due to no fault of theirs.
This is a time to show our humanity as never before and get back to the simple things that make us happy.  It’s a time not to panic but to think of what brings us joy and what in our life brings us closer to love and happiness.  Appreciate what we have and realize that we can get through this together and, in fact, be stronger for it after the “Tidal Wave” has passed.
Yes, I am wearing gloves when I go out to get food or gas in my car.  Then I am coming home and washing my hands.  I make sure I do not touch my face while I am out.  A tip, if you are at the grocery or produce section in the store and do not have gloves, grab a plastic bag and put over your hand.
When I walk or run Toby, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, I make sure I am 5-6 feet from anyone passing by me.  These are little things that have become my “New Normal”.  I am sure you are doing these same things and wondering if life will ever be the same.
Yes, we will go back to normal in months to come, and yes, we will see our stock market go back to normal in months to come, and yes, we will no longer have the need to buy toilet paper in large, large, large, large quantities!!!
But in the meantime, I have a list of ideas that might help you along the way:
1) Take a Breath, Breathe in and Breathe out. During the day, just stop and do this a few times.
2) Meditate:  here is a recording of a wonderful meditation during these trying times: It’s from Kari Samuels from,   Just click on this phrase below:
3) Walking or Running with your dog.  Keeping your social distance from passerbys.
4) Playing games with your family inside, cards, dominoes, etc.
5) Watching Netflix with your significant other ( this might be your dog, cat, or bird as well).
6) Whipping up a recipe that you haven’t made for a long time. (Anything with Mac n Cheese is bound to be a hit).
7) Writing, journaling, painting, or drawing.
8) Putting a wonderful cleansing mask on your face and stepping into a warm bubble bath with candles surrounding your tub and good wine in hand.
9) Giving each other a backrub.  This may be friends or family members helping you out.
10) Cooking out in the backyard, if your weather is warm enough yet, and watching as the daffodils start to push themselves out of the ground.
11) Lastly, just love each other, your family, you friends….
Call them, Skype them, text them.  Just check in on them to let them know you love them and want them to be safe.
Just remember to
Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….


Love and light to you,  Lee

It’s not the destination, but the adventures along the way……