Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
The Beautiful Turquoise and Purple image above is the background for my new book, “The Awakened Soul.”
These are my two favorite colors and I believe the two draw you right into the magical image.
August 11th is the Full Moon in Aquarius at 19 degrees. If you know your chart, take a look to see what house is ruled by Aquarius and that will tell you where this strong full moon will most affect you. For all of us, however, Uranus is exactly squaring the moon at 19 degrees in Leo. Uranus is the planet of unexpected and out-of-the blue energies. Full moons always means completions of whatever is going on in our lives, whether we like it or not. With Uranus squaring the Moon, anything that is not working in your life is going to be breaking down and shifting for you at this time. A completion is coming for you to process and move on whether you like it or not. A full moon’s effect can be active for up to a week after the full moon.
Be careful of your words at this time. Uranus can cause us to speak before thinking, very impulsive energy. In addition, the Sun is sextiling the moon in Leo at 19 degrees. Again, a lot of energy being drawn to the Moon’s energy at this time. Major decisions, even a crisis might be on the horizon, so be alert and ready to grow from this challenge.
Saturn is directly conjuncting the moon as well. Saturn has been in Aquarius for over a year and it’s energy next to the Moon will force all of us to face the reality of whatever decisions we are having to make at this time in our individual lives.
I have always been intriqued by Astrology because it alerts us to our future so we can be somewhat prepared!!
Switching to the subject of my new book, “The Awakened Soul,” I want to give you an excerpt from Chapter 11, “Panic Attacks.” This session was held in Dallas at Miracles of Joy Metaphysical Store several years ago. I kept my notes because it was such a detailed case of what causes panic attacks in our lives. I have facilitated cases over the years similar to this one, and they always have the same cause. Something or someone has caused the soul to die suddenly through attack or accident. The soul doesn’t have time to process the quick leaving of their body. This sets up the ongoing panic attacks in future lives anytime a similar situation happens.
I met Lisa Rieder back in September of 2016 when I was doing sessions at Miracles of Joy in Dallas. She immediately sat down and said that she had panic attacks every time she drove over a bridge, or was in a car that was being driven over a bridge.
The phobia had really started to affect her present life, and she was hoping I could help her understand the fear so that she could release it.
” We then came up to a beautiful, little stream that served as a transition for her to view another important past life.
Next, Lisa saw herself outside on a winding highway with tall trees. She was in a car by herself.
Lee: Please look down at yourself and tell me how you look and what you are wearing.
L.R.: I have on a dress and my hair is short and blonde. My name is Gladys.
Lee: Where are you and what year is it?
L.R.: I am in America, California, and the year is 1952.
Lee: What year were you born in, Lisa?
L.R.: 1966.
Lee: What happens next?
L.R.: I am driving and enjoying the day. I have my son with me. He is about 6 or 7 years old. His name is Charlie. My husband is at work. (The soul of my Gladys’ son feels like my son, Preston, today.) We are on a two lane, newly paved road. It is very immaculate. Up ahead I see a bridge over a river. It is a flat bridge with a steel arch on it. There is stonework on the base of the bridge.
On the bridge, my tire blows out! I go over the bridge! I break through the side of the bridge. As I hit the water, the sound is loud. My son is screaming. There is nothing I can do. Water is rushing into the car, and I am helpless. I cannot move. Yet, as we pull out of our bodies, we seem to be ok!
Lee: That was a very sudden ending to a very short life. As you pull your soul away from your body in the car, and as the car sinks, ask your higher self this question. What was my soul’s path for that life I just left?
L.R.: To enjoy life. I was truly happy. I must have felt I had learned what that felt like, and I was ready to leave.
Lee: So, you did accomplish what you came to learn as a soul. But sometimes when the ending is so fast, it is so unexpected that the soul doesn’t really have time to process what just happened.
Lisa says goodbye to her husband’s soul as she leaves, and he says it’s okay, as a soul he understands.
As I ask her Master Guide, Daniel, about the life endings of both of those lives. They tell Lisa it would help her to have an attachment release for both of them.
After performing the light energy treatment with her guides and mine, and bringing in the Christ Consciousness light all around her to help her release the traumas from both of these past lives, I go back to her Master Guide, who we had met at the end of the regression session.
Lee: Daniel, has the attachment release finally released these two phobias from the soul of Lisa to let her move forward in her present life without any more fear?
L.R.: Daniel says Yes! For both of the past life experiences.
I just shared one of the past lives with you today.
This case is a good example of many cases I have facilitated over the years. The soul just needs to re-visit the trauma to now process it in a different life. The soul can now process it, understand why the trauma happened to them, and finally move on from it. It is hard to understand for humans, that the soul usually plans the quick escapes from a life to accomplish what their soul’s plan had been and to not stay until the end of their life in that past life. I have learned that the soul is pretty tough when it wants to accomplish something. Remember, the soul knows it will never die, just the human dies.”
Love and Light to You,
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