For Many of us the cold days have become a reality and winter is sure to be on its way soon.  We, in Colorado, have already had a few soggy attempts at snowfall.  This picture is one of my favorites.  I adore wolves and belong to Defenders of Wildlife. It is an organization of volunteer lawyers for the improvement of laws to protect animals and birds in danger of extinction,  and one of their top priorities are wolves.
     But beyond the picture of the wolf is the loving embrace of one animal to warm and protect another.  In times of danger, even animals pull together to protect one another from the cold and remoteness of the winter cold.  Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
      I want to announce my third book is FINISHED!  The editing has already begun by my good friend Marta Shoman.  The cover is being done by the General Manager of Celebrations, Heather Snowmoon, who is a graphics genius when it comes to software. I have the book-formating done by Maryann Brown.  She is a pro and has been at this for many years. The title will be,
“Discovering your Soul’s Path using Past Life Regression, With Analysis of  Astrology Natal Charts and Psychic Intuitive Readings to Confirm It.”  
     The book should out for sale by January, 2018 
     I must tell you that there is this burning discovery inside of me about our souls right now that must come out.  Earth is constantly evolving and growing as a planet.  It is still fairly young as far as planets go.  Only a few million of years old.  Many planets are far older and the beings on them, or connected to them, are usually much more advanced than we humans.
     I have learned this through all my countless experiences with souls that did not originate on Earth, but have come to shed their light in human lives to help us advance.  They all tell the same story.  They volunteer to come, all the while knowing  the consequences for such a brave act.
     We, all of you reading this, are strong, evolved souls.  You may have been on Earth for hundreds of lives, as I have, or you may be a “newby” from another galaxy here to help us.  But all of us came to be here at this historic time on Earth to help Earth.  Our energy helps it go through the growing pains that we are seeing in all the natural disasters, which have not hit their peak yet, unfortunately.
      However, we also bring our dark energy as well.  That Ying and Yang thing you hear so much about.  Our dark energy has built to such a tipping point that something has to blow.  You are seeing the results of that dark energy now.  Yet, must we go down the long, dark rabbit hole with the darkness?  No, instead, we must be strong and resilient against it.
     As we learn, as humans, to drop the darkness of evil, depression, blame, judgment and anger so that we may evolve to a higher level of consciousness, we become stronger and brighter with the light.  It is a test we knew we would be facing.  Our souls wanted to grow by taking this challenge on.
     The ESSENTIAL DISCOVERY that I want you to know about your soul’s path is that you are special, loved, and stronger than you can even imagine.  Your higher consciousness would not have volunteered to send your soul down into your human life right now if it did not think it could make a difference through love, light, and forgiveness.
      Now, go out there you Foot Soldiers of War and beat the Crap out of the Darkness.  You start to do this by giving back.  Give to your fellow man simple by a kind word, and simple offering, or a stretched out hand.  Do a “pay it forward” sometime.  Go into a McDonald’s and when you see a family in line looking a little needy, (you know what I mean), simply volunteer to buy them a meal. (Dan, my great partner, has done this at holiday seasons in the past.)
      Or maybe it will be with your own family.  Go home from work a little early one night and say, “tonight we are doing take-out and we are all going to play games together.”  That will shock and delight your whole family to spend a night in the same room getting to know each other again.
        This Essential Discovery of your Soul’s Path could shock you or delight you.  Which one will it be? Don’t fear life, but embrace it with all the excitement and enthusiasm you can muster.  Happiness, joy, and wonderment is your reward!!  I wish all of you lightbeings the Best of the Holidays to come this year.  Spread the light with all your heart.
Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….


Love and light to you,  Lee

Its not the destination, but the adventures along the way……