Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
The two most important things to me this Summer are Past Life Sessions and Between Lives Sessions, and Golf!
Recently, I made a list of 4 “Must Do’s” for golf that I carry with me everywhere, hoping it will be ingrained in my brain as I play golf in our very short season in Colorado.
My Guides started talking to me the last few days and this is what they said. ” Send out on your blog this month, the 4 “Must Do’s of connecting with us.” Maybe its my OCD or it’s my Guides, but the idea wouldn’t leave my thoughts.
The 4 “Must Do’s of Golf are very important. If you don’t do all 4 of these you will not execute a stroke very well.
The Four Must Do’s of Golf
1) Stand the appropriate distance from the ball with your club, gently bend legs.
2) Bring your arms to the right, passing under the chin and making sure the left arm is straight.
3) Bringing your club to the left, shift the weight from the right leg to the left leg.
4) Keep your eyes on the Ball as your follow through your stroke.
Practicing these 4 techniques, I do see my score coming down, but it is very slow…..
These are some of the same phrases I hear from clients when I ask them if they connect to their guides. Most people say, they try to connect to them, but it is very slow and they don’t have much luck.
In my sessions, I always include time to meet several guides, clients feel their personalities, they see a form to remember them by and they get a name to call them. After the sessions, clients can begin a relationship with their guides with all this important information to help connect.
But what I may fail to tell everyone is that you must practice, just like you practice hitting golf balls to play a better golf game. The best way to do this is to Meditate and call in your guides to connect with them. I suggest you not give up too fast in this process. Have a meditative session, not once, not twice, but up to 30 times to set in practice what you plan to do when you go within and call in your guides.
The Guides appreciate that you do this session at the same time and in the same location whenever you decide to retreat and connect with them, even if it’s in the walk-in closet to get privacy. It must be quiet and you must not be distracted by cell phones, computers, ipads, etc.
Next you may begin:
The 4 “Must Do’s to Meet With Your Spirit Guides.
1) Ask Your Guides to Join You. Its a Universal law that the Guides be asked to join you. They will not impose themselves into your life unless you ask them to show up and make themselves known to you.
2) Ask your Guides to help you to stay on your Path. We all want to know if we are accomplishing what we came to do in this life. That can mean many things. You might need help making a big life decision or a small day to day decision. But they can help with all these life plans, if you will listen. They will not tell you what to do. They will show you ideas in your mind of different endings based on the decision you decide to go with. They help GUIDE you. In Meditation, go within, get very quiet, clear your mind of that shopping list, to do items, etc. and just be calm. I like to light candles, and hold a crystal or crystals in my hand to announce the session. To say, “It is time, please join me.”
3) Ask Your Guides to show your more details about them. As you do, over and over, in your Practice, you will see more details about your Guides. For example, many people at first just see a face of their guide, but as you keep practicing in calling them in when you meditate, you will see their whole body with how they want to show you they are dressed. Many ascended beings that are our Guides, have at one time been incarnated with us in a past life. If they dress very distinctively, ask them to show you a scene of a past life that you shared together. I do this with my clients in the past life regression sessions, and the guides will tell them what their relationship was in that life.
4) Believe what you Hear and See. Years ago, I had been vacationing in Sedona, Arizona in 1995. I was with my best friend, Jeannine Lehman. I had felt my guides around me since I was in High School and I talked to them, but had never really heard them talk back to me. We had a plan to go to Bell Rock and bring our journals to connect with our Guides, and see if we could hear them talk back to us. She got on one side of the rock and I got on the other. As I sat down with my writing tablet, I asked the same question I still do today: Please come through, Guides, and be with me today to help me stay on my path.
I immediately started hearing them talking to me, and I began to write down every word I was hearing. I was so excited to be hearing their actual words. I laminated that page and I still have it today. That day began our talking relationship.
Just start a Practice. You WILL hear and see things the Guides want you to know. Just believe it is them and not just your mind going there. Most people don’t trust what they are hearing and don’t really listen. As you begin to hear your Guides talk to you, they will also begin to send you messages. I have sent out blogs on messages before. Believe the numbers, the animal signs, the bird signs, the phrases repeated over and over. All of these are messages to be believed. They want you to succeed on your path.
So just like in golf, this practice is slow. Doing these four things, you will not master this practice quickly, but with perseverance, you WILL master connecting to your Guides. And in golf, using the 4 essentials, you will lower your golf score and get better and better!
I always tell the clients, if you work with your Guides, you will soon realize you are never alone. They LOVE YOU and are ALWAYS WITH YOU.
Love and light to you all, Lee