Lee Mitchell   

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is today, March 8th, 2016.
This month we have two eclipses, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8, and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd.

Solar eclipses tend to bring happy events and breakthroughs.  Lunar Eclipses along with the full moon, tend to mark a finish, culmination or ending to an event, person, or thing in your life.

We will see the March 8th, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  You Pisces will feel this eclipse especially in your emotions, because not only is the new moon close to your sun at 19 degrees Pisces, but Neptune, Mercury  and the transiting Sun are also in Pisces at the time of the eclipse.  This makes for a crowded home for you with all these heavenly bodies  coming to visit you at the same time.
Big events are due to happen in your life, Pisces!

The other Eclipse will be in Libra at 3 degrees on March 23rd. You Librans are in for big completions!  The eclipses carry the weight of three (3) full moons.  Their intensity brings change and shifts without you doing anything but being in the moment.  Suddenly you notice events shifted and all is somehow new and different.  It’s as if the universe knew the change needed to happen and you had not moved on the decision, so the decision was made for you by circumstances beyond your control.
Just be looking for them up to a week after an eclipse.

All signs feel the effects of Eclipses, maybe not as strongly as the signs they occur in, but nonetheless, all of us will experience eclipses as big shifters and changers for our life routines.

With all Full Moon Eclipses, such as the one happening on March 23rd, the door is bolted shut – something important to you is ending or conversely, culminating.  For example, you may get engaged or married, or hear promising news about a new career shift, or hear that a new friendship is shifting to a new, more important level for you in your life.  You may not have planned this event (whatever is happening for you), or if you did, you had planned on acting on it in the distant future.  Yet eclipses have a way of demanding instant attention and dramatically moving up the event time table.  The universe wants to see progress, so you will feel its hand on your back, pushing you ever forward.

When you host an eclipse in your sign, (Pisces or Libra this month), you may decide to change your appearance or follow a very different routine, perhaps by moving to a different city in a completely different part of the country.  You will begin to see your identity in new terms, and everyone else will see you in a new light too. Anything you do, see, culminate, or begin on an eclipse is very important by virtue of the fact that your experience is happening at eclipse time.

The full moon lunar eclipse on March 23 is the last in the series of Aries-Libra family of eclipses.  Those eclipses started October 18, 2013, and then the following year, we had a tough one on April 15, 2014, and a gentler one on October 8, 2014.  Then on April 4, 2015, we saw another walloping one and finally on easier one on September 27, 2015. This one on March 23, 2016 will be the last in the series, and not to return to Aries – Libra until 2023.

The Virgo – Pisces family of Eclipses are still ongoing for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse on March 8th.  Anyone with sun signs in Virgo, which would be opposing the eclipse or Pisces, and sun signs in Pisces will be feeling the new beginning or new door opening in some part of their life in the coming week.

The Next Solar eclipse will be September 1st, 2016 and the next Lunar Eclipse will be September 16th. Again, these will be in the family of Virgo – Pisces eclipse series.

Feel Good About the Change that these Eclipses bring us.  They get us off the mark, for bad or good, and get us moving forward.  For what do we all know IS CERTAIN on Earth, and the ONLY THING that IS certain on Earth, CHANGE!

Love and light to you,  Lee

Its not the destination, but the adventures along the way……

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