Today, I am going to read the Rune Stones for predictions for the year, 2021. Last year I did the predictions for the first year not knowing anything about a Pandemic about to happen. They were quite accurate. Here is the link if you want to read what the stones predicted for last year:
The Ancient Rune Stones have been around since the I Ching and have been used for divination in the Middle Ages to decide on battles, crops, and marriages. They laid dormant for several hundred years. But in the last hundred years they have begun to take on new meanings for the modern concerns of humans.
I became fascinated with the stones and decided I would research them before I ever picked up a Tarot card. For years all my readings were using the stones. They can give as much in-depth information, if not more, than the cards.
There are 25 stones with different meanings. I will pull one stone and then place it back into the group of 25 before I pull the next stone.
These will be the state of the country as events unfold on Earth that will effect All of Us. Keep this list and refer to it as you go through the months and help prepare yourself for the year.
January 2021 The Blank and Eihwaz (Both Positive)
As I did last year, I am using the combination of two stones for each month. The Blank is telling us that energies have come to an end and that energies have a new beginning. Willingness and permitting are what this rune requires. You are leaping into a void that cannot be predicted. This is a test of Faith.
Eihwaz, in addition, is warning us that as we are tested we find the power to avert blockage and defeat. This rune speaks to the difficulties that can arise at the beginning of a new life. Set your house in order and wait on the will of heaven, growth is certain.
February Ansuz and Teiwaz (Both Reversed) Ansuz reminds us to consider the uses of diversity. Messages are blocked, communication is fuzzy and misunderstood at this time. This may be a new life unfolding but the information is not clear. Remember whatever is happening is timely to your process.
Teiwaz asks you for patience. Look within and meet the deepest needs of your nature. Through hasty action life force leaks out. At this time have trust and confidence that the answer will come.
March Othila (Positive) and Uruz (Reversed) Both of these runes talk about separating paths and that part of our lives on Earth have come to an end. Othila requires a peeling away of outmoded relationships, a discarding of old skins. We may gain something very valuable, but not before we give up our old lives.
Uruz speaks to positive change but not before we go into a period of darkness as a part of perpetual renewal or re-birth. Reversed, it reminds us to have a “heads up” to minor setbacks while going through much shifting in our lives.
April Kano (Reversed) and Raido (Positive) Kano is all about shedding light on an important part of our lives. But when it is reversed, it’s saying be prepared for a darkening in some part of our lives, whether it be relationships, or some aspect of ourselves that is no longer appropriate to the person we are becoming. Raido is all about communication and right action. Its the element of connecting Heaven with Earth. But it cannot be forced. Ask through prayer or mediation what will bring right action for you to move forward. (Our vibration is rising)
May Laguz (Reversed) and Ehwaz (Positive) Laguz is fluidity and cleansing. It asks for reorganizing, realigning, and and revaluaing your life. But be sure to use your intuition and not fall back on over-striving too soon. Ehwaz is about movement and transition. New jobs, New dwelling places, New attitudes or even New Life. Just allow the gradual progress of movement to unfold. Many will be in new businesses, new lives, or new path now.
June Kano (Positive) and Mannaz (Reversed) Now we have Kano shedding light on our new prospects. With clear intentions, new actions and concentration as we begin new endeavors. With Mannaz to support this, its to remind us to go within and work with self on this new opportunity. If you feel blocked, look within for the enemy of your progress. We need to recognize that the enemy outside is just a reflection of what we have not be able to recognize from within until now.
July Fehu (Reversed) and Teiwaz (Positive) Fehu is about fulfilment and ambitions realized, but if it is reversed, it reminds us that there may be considerable frustration in our lives. We may fall short, we reach out and miss, or we are forced to stand by and watch while our gain dwindles. But this is all part of the coming to be and passing away that needs to happen as we step into a new path. It helps us recognize what is really important.
Teiwaz is all about strength and patience to get through tough times. Teiwaz is the spiritual warrior. It gives us the power to cut away the old and extraneous to embrace the new life we have.
August Jera (Positive) and Inguz (Positive) Jera is a rune of beneficial outcomes. It applies to any activity that we are deeply committed to. However there are no quick results. We have prepared the ground and planted the seed. Now we must cultivate with care (Covid 19 Vaccine) Jera offers encouragement that success is attainable if we are patient and persevere. Inguz is a rune that asks us to share with each other the completion of beginnings. It marks a time of joyful deliverance, a new path.
September Dagaz (Positive) and Wunjo (Reversed) Dagaz signals a major breakthrough or shift in self-change. A 180 degress transformation in attitude. For some, the transition is so radical that they are no longer able to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way. Abundance and success is our outcome! Adding Wunjo reversed reminds us that the process to new birth and a new path are long and arduous. Consideration and deliberation are called for. Patience, clarity and perseverance brings success.
October Raido (Reversed) and Berkana (Positive) Raido reminds us that detours, disruptions, and blockages are all part of this stepping onto the new path. Call them rerouting opportunities. But with Berkana here also, it tells us that growth is happening. This rune tells us of blossoming and ripening of our new lives. We must be clear and controlled, with correct motives. Dark corners must be cleansed. Then through steadfastness and right attitude, the blossoming can occur.
November Perth (Positive) and Gebo (Positive) Perth has links to the phoenix, that mystical bird which consumes itself in fire and then rises from its own ashes to start anew. Powerful forces of change are here at work. Becoming whole, is a profound secret. It’s a little bit of a mystery to us earthlings how the Will of Heaven works. Then Gebo is a rune that tells us that there is a partnership at hand. This partnership is with all of us to each other. Working together, we have achieved this success of our Earth. This rune helps us to realize that the partnership at hand is with us and God. We realize that there is the Divine in all that we do together.
December Wunjo (Positive) and Kano (Positive) We have had these two runes before but in different groupings. With these two very, very positive runes (these two are my all time favorite runes), we will be wrapping up the year on a high note. Whether it be material gain, rewards in your emotional life, or a heightened sense of your own well being, Wunjo is here to announce victory to all our concentrated effort for success. Then Kano asks us to allow the light to shine on all our dark corners, to finally flush out any lingering parts of ourselves that no longer work in the New Path, the New Life, and this New Vibration!!!
My Guides helped me to pull these Runes as they help me do all that I do Spiritually. Thank You Guys!!!! Enjoy these predictions!!!!!!!!!
Love and Light, Lee