I read from the Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo many times a week and a recent subject really struck my heart.  He is discussing the trials that Thomas Edison went through to discover electricity and I thought it sounded so similar to the trials we, as humans, go through discovering the light in our own lives.

“When Edison was discovering the light bulb, he first engaged in a process of envisioning how an unseeable current of energy could be harnessed and turned into light.  Like most of us, the vision came first.  Once he understood what came to him, it took quite some time to find the precise material that would work as a filament in the bulb itself.”

“Later, when asked if he ever grew discouraged or thought he was wasting his time, Edison said no, he learned something important each time he tried.  He learned that there was another material not to be used.”

Mark Nepo went on to say, that Edison never considered himself a failure after all those tries, but as an inevitable part of the process.

Let us use what we discover about life to LIVE IN THE LIGHT.  Absolutely nothing is wasted.  Many feel if they change careers, start new relationships, move across the country because their heart calls out to them to go in a different direction, that they will have wasted years getting to this point.  I find that you pull on your experience from one endeavor to use in another quite easily and frequently.  The mind is truly an amazing thing!

For example, I was in real estate for over 30 years before I began my heart’s joy of past life regression work.  I was even a general contractor for 10 of those years with my own building business.

When I left building to do intuitive readings and past life work, I thought all those years of budgets, scheduling and talking with clients would be long gone and behind me.  Amazingly, I pull on my confidence in organization all the time in my new work.  I must schedule event dates, I must organize budgets for my travel expense and I must talk with many event center owners about my facilitating my work at their location.

All of these tools from the past just gave me confidence in moving forward in my spiritual career!  What a wonderful surprise.  I was not wasting my time at all.

To live in the light, you must not be afraid to try and try again.  Each time you attempt a new way to get what you want, you learn more and more about your strengths.  If you never test your talents, you will never have the confidence to take a chance at a new choice for your life.

Each day you start anew, with a new approach, because yesterday’s didn’t work, is a new day that you get closer and closer to achieving the joy and happiness you dream of.

This approach is really what manifesting your dreams is all about.  You WILL succeed to live in the light, if you just keep on keeping on.  Because if you do not accept no for an answer, then of course, you will eventually get to the yeses.

Be like Edison, and do not believe you are failing.  Look at moving from a life that is lackluster to a life of LIVING IN THE LIGHT as just part of the process.  Yes, I must do this, and then of course, I will succeed in getting my reward:   Joy and Happiness.     

Love and light to you,
It’s not the destination but the journey along the way.