I want to talk a little about our spirit guides and angels today.  They are always sending us messages.  But do we always hear them or listen to them.  Many people just feel it is their monkey mind talking to themselves.
Speaking of Spirit Guides, they can come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are ascended beings that no longer incarnate and work with many as a guide, some may be loved ones who have passed and are now guiding us from the spirit realm, and some may be from the Angelic realm as Angels and Archangels.  They are all aware of the trials all of us on Mother Earth are experiencing right now, and they are working tirelessly to send us love and support as we work through the many wars, floods, hurricanes, and massive fires on our planet. Oh, and did I mention the massive divisiveness our poor America is going through as well.
I challenge you to find the Silver Lining in all things in your life.  Look for the blessings of just the simple things and appreciate the kind acts of each and everyone you see around you.  I am really focusing on that at this time.  Dan and I played 18 holes of golf in Highlands Ranch yesterday.  I could not stop myself from saying at about every other hole:  Is this not the most beautiful early fall  morning you have seen?  It was cool, 70 degrees, a few hawks were in the trees,  of course, many, many geese were out on the grass, soft cool breezes, and  we were playing with a father and son-in-law that were the nicest men.
I am finding so many of those days lately, were I just jump off the ferris wheel for a few moments, and smell the roses.  I am training a lady next week in Astrology, one on one, at my home.  She emailed me yesterday and asked if we could sit outside to do the class.  I said of course, I have a gorgeous waterfall and pond we can sit by to do our class, (As you can see in the photo above with Toby and I taken just a few months ago).  To me this is how to love our planet.  Stop for a minute, combine work with play, and enjoy what abundance we do have amid all the disasters that are going on.
Look for kind acts all around you.  The grocery man helping a woman load her groceries, the store clerk helping someone find a  special item, and even the doctor or nurse, putting that special touch or bandage on the cut when it is stitched up.
Be nice to yourself.  Celebrate what you can. Enjoy what you can.  Rent a comedy special on Netflix like we did last night just to Laugh Out Loud for a while.  It really makes you feel better and helps to get through these trying times.
There are two full Moons this Month:  One today and on on the 31st.  Both are telling the planet its a time of huge transformation.  Be aware but don’t be distraught.  We are going to be better for all the changes that Mother Earth is bringing upon us.  The New Birth, The New Earth.
Please read a channelling below of Ann Albers, of VisionsofHeaven.com.  The Angels are here to help us.
You are in the middle of powerful birthing contractions upon your planet earth. Just as a human mother exerts energy, then rests while attempting to ride the natural cycles of life that force a baby out of the womb, so too your mother earth is allowing the powerful energies of love that have been repressed by humanity to be released through her body – in the form of fires, floods, and various other earth changes.
Although we know these earth changes don’t look like love at this point, they are. A human being can only pinch off love for so long before illness appears, and the body of humanity could only pinch off love for so long before the social ills which have been festering quietly have burst forth on the surface for all to see. The floodgates have been opened and the cries of pain and injustice that you witness are energies being pushed to the surface by the love behind them! Yes, dear ones, behind every so-called negative emotion, there is a great and powerful love attempting to surface!
Within the bursting open of a seed, there is the force of Love and Life wanting to expand into something more. Within a mother’s powerful contractions, there is the force of Life and Love wanting to be birthed. Within every angry outburst, there is Love and Life crying, “I want to be  Loved! I want to be treated as the Divine being that I am! I want to be seen as equal in the eyes of humanity! I want to be valued, acknowledged, heard, seen, expressed…” Dear ones, Love and Life have been summoned by the cries of human hearts and they are pushing up through every crack, corner, and crevice of your earth, your hearts, and your lives… awkwardly, painfully, or gracefully, depending on your willingness to let this love surface in your lives.
Look for the love beneath it all. “Seek and Ye shall Find. Knock and he Door will be opened.” If you seek the love you will see the love, and you will be the love, because that is your deepest, truest, nature.
Look for the kind souls in communities who have been pummeled by the storms coming together to help one another, without regard to race or status. Look at the dialogues that are being born out of a desire for peaceful resolution after the angry riots. Look at the innocent and powerful children rising up on your planet to create change because they bore witness to the world’s pain and wanted something more. Look at yourself in the mirror, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes upset, craving more. Love is rising up from within. You feel its fiery passion. You feel its powerful waves.
A deep and powerful wound is being lanced in your world. It is not easy, not pretty, and certainly not pleasant for so many, but in the long run, you will live in a far better, kinder, and more connected world. You will feel your connection with one another, with nature, with other countries, regardless of race, religion, creed, or gender. This is why you grieved the passing of your dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she stood for a world of equality, and we assure you that even though her body has passed, she is in absolute bliss as she witnesses the movements she birthed and supported here upon this earth.
She loves and supports each and every one of you willing to consider yourselves equal in the eyes of God. She knows she “worked herself to death” and has no regrets whatsoever, for she knows, in the light of heaven’s truth, that there is no death of the Love that one births while there upon your earth.
There is no death of the Love that one births while there upon your earth.
Remember that dear ones. The love you birth in your earthly dimension is eternal. You are the hands, the eyes, the mind, and the mouth of God when you are willing to bring any love to the surface – in any way, in any given moment. Your love remains as a vibration, very much like a note sounded into eternity, that will contribute to the upliftment of the human race even after your body leaves. Whenever you appreciate the simplest thing, you send forth this love. Whenever you treat yourself or another with kindness and compassion, you emanate this love. Whenever you think a thought of delight, joy, or simply contentment, you emanate this love. You are doing it far more often than you might think.
You allow Love to pour forth from the Presence of God into your experience here in your earthly reality. Love is ever present beneath the surface, but you are the ones who allow it, through your willingness, into the experience of humanity.
Dear ones, instead of asking “When it is going to get better,” (for it will soon enough), ask yourself much simpler and more powerful questions: “How can I make my life better in this moment? How can I bring a bit of love to the surface in my mind, heart, or life right now? Can I think one kinder thought about myself or another? Can I perform one simple act of kindness towards myself or another, even if it not witnessed by anyone else? Can I appreciate just one thing, right here, right now? What can I contribute to life in this moment, if only a positive vision, or a quiet prayer?”
No act of love is ever insignificant. Love is the nature, the power, and force of the Divine.

Turn in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….