Your Wishes Fulfilled is Possible with “I Am That I Am” Says Dr. Wayne Dyer

Lee Mitchell December 9, 2023

Lee Mitchell
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Spiritual Intuitive and Astrologer
I have always considered Dr. Wayne Dyer my spiritual mentor and he never knew what he did for my spiritual growth. I started reading his books with “Pulling Your Own Strings” and saw his growth into a Spiritual Teacher with “Excuses Begone”, “The Power of Intention”, and “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life”. But not until I read “Wishes Fulfilled” about ten years ago, did I finally take his advice and it changed my life!

I was in Denver, Littleton, and my guides were talking to me on my left side with urgency, ( they always talk to me during sessions or readings on my left side with words or visuals), telling me I must start traveling with the past life regression sessions. Coincidentally, I had two friends who had recently moved to California. I was already going to two different Denver and Colorado Metaphysical stores to do my events, Isis Books and Celebrations. But their repetitive shouts were saying, “You must Travel More and Farther” to get the word out to more people the benefits of past life regression hypnotherapy. I just kept stalling and telling them I was in my 60s and it might be too late to start up the travel.

“Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne taught me how to accomplish big change. It helped me walk through the steps it takes to visualize the accomplishment you want already happening in your conscious mind. Those thoughts then migrate to your subconscious mind where it believes the change has happened and it starts taking the steps to accomplish the shift.

Within a few days after I read it, I had made dates for my events in Laguna Hills, Calif., Lewisville outside Dallas, Tx and Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was on my way, and I have never looked back.

So fast forward to the present, and once again, I wanted to make a change in my business. It might seem small to some, but to me it is stepping my business up to a higher level of expertise. I picked up Dr. Wayne’s book again, “Wishes Fulfilled” to help me once again remind myself that all the possibilities of living a life of Love can be mine, if I can trust that the “I Am that I Am” is meant for all souls on Earth. It translates into God is Love and we are all part of the energy of God (Our higher consciousness), and that means we are Love as well. When we do and act in Love in everything we do, and the rest manifests on Earth and our wishes are fulfilled!

We all have challenges we face in life. A job opportunity that causes one to move across the country, a opportunity to match up with a partner and start a new life together, a family member that needs you and it requires major changes in your life, you have an opportunity to start you own business, or even a divorce that causes so many changes for you and your children.

Dr. Wayne states, “Once you decide to live from this Divine awareness, your life takes on an air of appreciation for the mysterious and a belief in the miraculous. All of your God-realized wishes will indeed be fulfilled.”

These are the 6 questions Dr. Wayne says you must ask yourself to step into the I Am That I Am belief:


1.Does it Feel Natural? Think about the outcome you desire. How does it feel in your body. Does it feel natural and normal to visualize yourself making this big change?

Does it feel that with your imagination and God, all things are possible?

2.Am I Willing to Command My I Am Prescence? View your I Am presence as an invisible energy residing within and around you at all times, which is yours to use as you see fit. This is your God power (Your higher consciousness) and you can insist upon it manifesting your highest expectations.

Dr. Wayne quoting Saint Germain for the “I AM” Discourses: “I Am the Conquering Presence! I command this I AM Presence to govern perfectly my mind, home, affairs and world.”

3.Are My Wishes in Alignment with my Highest Self?

If you place wishes in your mind that are misaligned with your highest God-realized self, you will find yourself frustrated and immobilized. You must do your commands for success from a place of love. God is Love.

4.Am I Free of Judgment, Condemnation and Criticism? We cannot hold judgments and criticisms of others while we are connecting to our God self, our higher consciousness. We cannot be successful in fulfilling our wishes, if we are finding fault with others actions on their paths.

5.Do I Pray as If My Prayers Are Already Realized? A vision is within your imagination as you enter into your sacred practice of prayer, one that is so strong you can already feel its fulfillment in your own body. Once you accept your wish as an actual accomplishment in your conscious mind, your subconscious mind accepts it and starts to act on your wish.

6.Is My Mind Open to Infinite Possibilities? With God all things are possible. Dr. Wayne says, “You live in an infinite universe that includes all of existence. Because this field is unlimited in dimension, nothing can happen outside of it. Nothing accidental is possible. Living from this perspective, if your wishes align with this one universal God force, miraculous occurrences become the norm.”

In closing, when planning your new miracle to be placed in your subconscious mind as reality, before you go to bed at night, state clearly to your mind what you visual your future to look like, the subconscious mind will marinate on that overnight, and in the morning, it will wake up believing the miracle has happened and will start taking steps to your success!

May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled for the New Year!