Your world of illusion is too fond of drawing maps.  When something calls you, follow it.  Do not be des afraid.  The only path you are really on is your own.  It is all illusion anyway, In the Greater Reality you have never been on any path, because you have never left Home.                     On-Site         Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton, Emmanuel’s Book II

Casey and Lee
We all live our lives according to a set of beliefs we hold onto from our initial training as young adolescents viewing our parents, our teachers, our mentors, and our culture around us. As adults we create our own reality based on these beliefs. It doesn’t have to be that way. Remember the movie, Knotting Hill, with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.  In the beginning, Hugh Grant loses his reading glasses and reaches for his swimming goggles, to use in the meantime, as he leaves for a movie with his crazy, eccentric roommate. As he sits in the movie with these big goggles stuck on his face, you and I know he can’t see anything clearly on the movie screen. Give you an example of how you might be wearing your goggles.  Do you have a boss that comes down hard on you to exceed your limits?  You think the boss is just out to get you and pick on your unfairly.  Maybe in в your household growing up, adults didn’t trust society and what it brought upon them.  You now place that fuzzy interpretation on your boss.  Or maybe wholesale MLB jerseys you have a best girlfriend who just doesn’t have time for you anymore.  You notice when you cheap jerseys call to make plans, she always has an excuse why she can’t go out with you.  You believe she must just be tired of the posts friendship and she just doesn’t have the nerve to tell you. Or a sister wants to tell you all her woes of pain that she has suffered from the latest argument with the spouse, or child, or parent.  You feel your sister just uses you and that you do not want to go into that negative space every time she calls. These feelings about the above situations is your reality because wholesale MLB jerseys that is how you see it through your goggles.  Could it be that your reality is a little murky?  Maybe the boss sees you as promotion material and he wants to push you to achieve the excellence in you that he sees and wants to uncover.  And could it be that your girlfriend has two children that are now teenagers and require much more of her time to coordinate her life with theirs, along with a boyfriend’s crazy schedule. That sister might lean on you because you always calm her down and make her see her situation from a different perspective and she wholesale jerseys really respects your thoughts. Just know that we are not our childhoods, those old records are done, done, done.  That ship has sailed a long time ago.  The new, improved you is a whole, beautiful, complete soul self that is loving and willing to meet all these situations with an open heart. You know that if a door closes, you are not to take it personally.  You are to know that you are a divine being part of God/Source.  The universe cheap jerseys from China has something better in mind than that doorway and it is coming right around the corner.  Just be looking for the messages from the universe and your guides because there will be many of them. Remember life is all about the journey, not the destination, Love and light, Lee