I am so excited to announce the new group of Alternative Practioners that I have joined.  You can discover the wonderful new website by going to www.daocloud.com.  If you have every suffered from an ailment and wanted to try an alternative approach to solving the problem without using Western medicine, this is the group to go to.  My information can be found under, Past Life Regression, Lee Mitchell.  Just search for me and I will come up with answers to people’s questions about past life regression and how it can help so many.

Past Life Regression hypnotherapy can help if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, physical ailments,and much more.  Many of these ailments are being caused from trauma you might have experienced in a past life and are not able to process it in your present life.  Once you visit the trauma again, you are able to release the emotion around the life or event and live more fully in your present life.  My facilitation in these sessions can be in person, by using SKype, or using the phone for a session.  You will get equal results!!!