I have taken up golf!  I know, at my age, 69, I must be out of my mind.  But hear me out.  Dan is a fantastic golfer.  He is licensed by the PGA to teach golf.  And we have beautiful, majestic golf courses here in Colorado.   I am a little late in getting out my monthly email to you because we had friends visiting from Sarasota, Florida, Marilyn and Doug, who play golf.  We played twice while they were here.  Then, Dan and I played Broken Tee, off Santa Fe Drive here in Denver,  this past Saturday as well.  He shot 75, and well, I shot well over 100.  This may take me the rest of my life to learn.  But I am always up for a challenge!!!….
     I want to talk today about a subject dear to my heart, near-death experiences.  They have always intrigued me.  Everyone talks of going to this loving, light space which is so warm and comfortable, they never want to return to this present life.  But they do, because they still have work to do, and because they have loved ones they do not want to leave just yet.
     On Megan Kelly, a talk show that comes on after the Today Show at 9:00am Mountain Time, last Friday, the 17th,  they had Near-Death Experience as a theme for their show.  I really wanted to hear their stories.  Two women shared their experiences.  One lady had been hit on her bicycle by a Car and survived to tell her story.  The other lady had had cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital to have here heart stop beating for 90 minutes!!! Here is the show link:  https://www.today.com/megyn-kelly-today.  Then go to the video that says:  “I’m no longer afraid of death” crossing over during cardiac arrest.
     The lady, who had the cardiac arrest, told Megan that she came back a different person.  She felt the loving, light environment while she was in this place.  She described it as simply one second being in the void of unconsciousness, and one second being in the light. ” Very simple, and natural”,  she said.  The love all around her was powerful and she, like others, did not want to return.  A lady image came to her and told her that her work here on Earth was not done, and that she had signed up for a responsibility that she was still to complete.  A contract, if you want to call it, which is what I tell all my clients.  We come here with direct intentions to learn and complete a mission
     When she came back to the present life, doctors were successful in her heart surgery, and miraculously, she seemed to be fully recovered when she appeared on Megan Kelly.  She, however, had much to tell about the change in her life.
     She told Megan that her biggest shift was that she was no longer afraid.  She was no longer afraid of what people thought of her, what her decisions would mean, what her loved ones thought of her, or what work thought of her actions.  She had lost the fear of dying.  She now knew that there was much more out there than just this present life, and that it was just on the other side of a very thin veil!
     The most important thing that caught my attention about her experience was about what the she learned from being in the loving light.  She was shown meanings about her life, experiences that had happened more than once in her present life, that she continued to work on to resolve.  The loving light environment gave her some answers, in her mind, on how to solve these dilemmas.  And what is more, she was shown that these themes were present in many of her past lives as well. She confessed on the show that she had never really thought about past lives or near-death experiences.  She was not sure she had believed in either one until this cardiac arrest happened to her.
     The loving light environment went on to show her how she had also dealt with these challenges in many of her past lives, and showed her scenes to help her understand the pattern that had re-appeared in many past lives over and over.  She did not describe to Megan Kelly what these themes were, but that she received help in this loving light to resolve them once she returned to the present.
     What is important, as in many of my cases, past life regression will show someone the exact same information.  And at the end of the past life session, many will leave better understanding why they are here in their present life, and even have solutions on how best to solve their challenges.  Plus, many clients leave the session feeling like the subject on Megan Kelly’s show, having let go of so many fears all of us seem to share!
     What’s more, I find when we call through a client’s spirit guides at the end of the session, and they have gone through a tragic accident in this present life, or some situation in their present life that threatened all they took for granted, most times the guides have something to tell them about why these things happened.
     The “accidents” are usually not that at all.  Usually, the guides will inform the client that their higher consciousness placed them in that situation, which was life threatening, because their higher self wanted them to change courses.  They had been headed down the wrong road, for what ever reason, and were not accomplishing the “contract” they had come to fulfill.  The client is forced to change course and re-think their lives.  In most cases, they go forward with a whole new approach to their lives.  And that is exactly what their higher consciousness wanted them to do.

     So, my friends, if you experience a near-death experience, or a accident of any kind, look at it in the bigger theme of “what do I need to understand about my life and the direction I am going in?”  You may get some powerful answers back from your Higher Self.  ARE YOU LISTENING?

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave.  Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More….


Love and light to you,  Lee