Lee Mitchell, 2017                             

The Spring flowers are blooming everywhere!  Sooooo wonderful to feel the sun on your face and look out and see daffodils, tulips, and bluebonnets blooming in your yard, isn’t it?And with this new beginning, I want to talk about humankind’s new beginning.  You have all heard of “The Shift” and “The Higher Truth”, but what does it really mean.

I have been noticing for months, even the last few years, that people are changing.  Yes, it’s very subtle,  but there is real change going on in everyone I come in contact with.  Our history tells us that wars are inevitable, and that world leaders will lead us whether we want their leadership or not.  However, I see our entire society really changing. Humans are stronger in their beliefs of fairness and humanity as I have never seen it before. I see and sense a higher knowing from others that the old darkness is no longer prevailing to make our decisions for us.  I see it in the clients I work with and the groups of people I meet with in my events.

Do you know that the darkness in human souls cannot hide anymore.  Governors of states are found having affairs with their assistants, airline passengers refuse to allow a passenger to be mistreated by an airline any longer, and people are constantly being photographed in dark events by bystanders and their smart phones, no longer allowing evil ones to get away with mistreating others.

Our humanity will not let the darkness prevail any longer.  It may seem like small changes, but I am here to tell you of proof that humans want a different world.

Many,  many clients come to me explaining that they do not want to continue their professions.  They may be a manager of a medical clinic, or a salesperson for software sales, or a nurse managing other nurses, or even a mortgage broker for loans.  But they all want the same thing.  These strong people are ready to make the big leap into a more healing practice, a spiritual teaching or leadership role,  or an alternative medicine life, just to name a few examples. 

I have seen this as such a rising tide because I believe our higher selves, the one with the “Higher Truth”,  knows that it is time for the “Shift” to finally be the  majority.  More humanity, and less darkness is what this planet is moving toward. 

How do we get out of the old biases of the past.  How do we change the attitude of “life will never change, and someone will shoot me down everytime I try”.  By listening to that gut instinct that has been calling you for so long in your life. 

People today see a “Higher Truth” that is unspoken.  They cannot be fooled any longer by the dark energy on this earth.  That dark energy is now terrified of the light that people bring to the occasion.  Just know that the future is not written in stone.  We are here to make a difference in the “same ole, same ole”.  That is why you light beings are here.

You chose this most difficult role to incarnate in the old, dark energy and meta-morphasize into the “Shifted” soul living “The Beginning of a New Time.”

I know you are saying:  “Things don’t feel any different.” But we are just so much more aware of everything that is going on around us.  We are not being blindly led anymore.  Yes, some of the old habits are hard to break, but breaking them we are.  Just look back at your past, and notice how your decisions come more from the heart than they every did when you were younger.

There is nothing more pure in the Universe than God.  He is not human and never was. He is not a punishing God, and never was.  We are about to see bigger shifts on Earth in the coming decade and God only sends us the light to work with.  Love and light is what we have to accomplish this big task ahead of us.


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Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the turns and be brave.  Good advice when skiing, but it applies to much more….


Love and light to you,  Lee

Its not the destination, but the adventures along the way……