I want to discuss what happens when our souls leave through natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, and floods.

Recently the tragedy of the earthquake in Tibet around beautiful Nepal was heartbreaking for all of us to see the destruction it caused and the thousands of innocent lives lost.

I believe our energies are tied to Mother Earth. The Earth is a living, breathing organ, just as we and the animals and plants that live on it are.

As we see ourselves having rumbling feelings about our state of being, Mother Gaia has rumblings and shiftings as well. The earth must cleanse itself from pressure that builds from within through earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

From my experience in working with the soul state of clients, I see that we volunteer to be in these large groups leaving the planet whether it’s caused by disease or natural disaster. This is not to minimize the pain that their families experience from the loss of their lives. But these souls know they are working for a bigger cause when they choose this path.

By our sending LOVE and LIGHT to the disaster areas for the many, many souls still here, we can make a difference for their recovery. Just like a group sending prayers to someone in the hospital for a speedy recovery, the LOVE and LIGHT you send to Tibet does make a difference.

When these brave souls come into a particular life, they know their soul’s path is to leave in order to help the remainder of the humans to find reason to come together to rebuild. As a team, a group, or a society, these souls that give up their human lives, influence the remaining people to work together to recover the area destroyed.

Differences are put aside, politics are put aside, and boundaries are put aside. People join in a common bond of humanity to help and assist one another.

The souls, giving up their lives, also advance their learning as well. They understand and grow from the strength it took to move through such a tragedy. They are courageous when they must leave their loved ones behind. But they are greeted with MUCH LOVE on the spirit side from loved ones who have passed and are never alone as they depart Earth.

We all know how to use the LOVE and the LIGHT for energy. Please join me in sending all your LOVE and LIGHT to the disaster area every time the thought comes up for the earthquake survivors, or you see a news release, or you watch a fund raising program, or your daily meditation has you going within.


It’s not the destination, but the journey along the way.

Love and Light to you, Lee