I am in Sunny, Warm California doing past life regression sessions at the marvelous Awakenings store, Center for Positive Thinking,  in Laguna Hills, California.  I still have spaces open this Friday & Saturday, Ovctober 21st and 22nd.  Just call me at 719-221-4275 or email me at lee@c2u.ebc.myftpupload.com for an appointment.
I have been amazingly busy since my new life took over in May this year. As you know, Dan and I purchased our lovely home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  I am tending the plants, cooking more, working out in our basement with our gym equipment more regularly, and of course, performing more past life regressions and psychic readings.  I have also been throwing in some Astrology Classes at Celebrations over the summer and early fall.  Oh, and BTW, I have taken up golf.But the time has come to face up to one of my priorities for getting a home.  When dear Casey was alive, for the last 7 years of her life, we lived in a Condo.  Wonderful neighborhood but no way for her to ever stick her toes in the grass for any length of time.  My hope was that we would be back into our own home before she left this world. That dream never materialized.

I have always noticed patterns in companion animals and their time with us.  Everytime I made a big change in my life or my friends did, our loving companions would pass to the spirit realm.  It is because their life spans are so short and they know they cannot continue on with us, as much as they would like to, as we begin a new chapter.

My dog before Casey, the Walker Hound, was a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Nikia was a lovely female and very big for her breed.  She weighed over 100 lbs. She passed from degenerative myelopathy at 9 years old. As soon as she left, I made a pledge to myself that I would get this dog breed again. They are very stoic, smart, and yet brave and strong.  They were bred to chase down lions in Africa to keep them away from the cattle of the people settling there from Germany and England years ago.

So, here I am.  I have the house, the partner, Dan, who loves all dogs passionately, and now I must find the time.

When is it the right time to make a big change?  If you are passionate about something, the change will evolve as it is supposed to.  Someway, somehow, the Universe always provides when you are on a mission for success.

I can’t see the time in my schedule for the twice daily walks and runs I had with Nikia and Casey, but maybe this new chapter will look different.  I do have Dan to share in this duty now.  And maybe I don’t walk or run twice a day, as before.  We have a fenced back yard, which I never had before, and lots of thinks to sniff out there.

So, my friends, think on a passion you have, even though you do not know how in the heck you can accomplish it, just keep visualizing it in your mind.

I find that with the love of our creator, the Universal energy, and our loving guides, miracles happen daily.  Do you want a new job, or do you want to take up an activity like tennis or golf, or do you want a better relationship with one of your grown children?

Start with baby steps.  First I went to visit a few Ridgeback breeders.  Dan and I even went to a dog show where we met over 20 RIdgebacks.  Next, I have gone onto the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue site, ridgebackrescue.org. and looked for fairly young rescue dogs.

If you want to change your job, try linkedin.  By connecting, you will be amazed at all the people you can connect with about changing your job.  Just a small step.  If you want to be more involved with an adult child, try asking them to some event.  Not too much talking involved.  Just being around them is a start.

What I am saying here is, I don’t have the answers to all this change I about to make once again in my life.  But I am a soul who has constantly embraced change all my life since I lost my mother at 14.  That was BIG CHANGE.  It started me on a course of life that I have never returned from.  Change makes us grow in ways we never dreamed we could.  It makes us more confident of ourselves.  We realize we can just about handle anything life throws at us and come out a winner and much better for the experience.

I remember when I decided to make the metaphysical world my vocation.  I was in Salida, Colorado in real estate and I knew past life regressions and psychic readings is what I had a passion for and I knew I had to move to a big city, like Denver, to pursue it.

I meditated, ask the cards and guides, and called my psychic friends.  All the indicators said to go for it.  Within 30 days, I had found a place in Littleton to live.  Now, almost 9 years later, I look back at that time as one of tremendous change that made me stronger and happier than I had ever been to that point in my life.

Do it, do it now.  Just start where you are. No biggy, no sweat and tears.  Just take one tiny step at a time.  The Universe is behind you.  It wants you to succeed.  If you believe it, you will see it!

Make your life the life you always dreamed it could be!  You create your own stage and the audience is sitting out there waiting for you to step onto your new one!

(Hey, I just found a lovely male 2 year old on the rescue site, I will keep you posted!)

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the turns and be brave.  Good advice when skiing, but it applies to much more…..

Love and light to you,  Lee

Its not the destination, but the adventures along the way……