We have a Super Full Moon that starts at about 6:30 pm, September 8th.  It is called a Super Full Moon because it is the full moon closest to the Fall Equinox.  It is in the house of Pisces and promises to bring a lot of emotion and clarity for us.  You may feel the effects of this Super Full Moon for several days afterward.

I want to quote a wonderful astrologer Ar?iv who I follow on

www.spiritlibrary.com, Sarah-Jane Grace, cheap nfl jerseys concerning what we can look for in this Potential full moon.  “We are breaking open to feel happiness.  We are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.  Having the willingness to break the cycles we get ourselves into and be vulnerable does take courage.  It takes faith; not necessarily Berry) in a higher power but in oneself.  We so wholesale jerseys often negate or belittle ourselves, feeling we should do more, achieve more or strive for more, but when we stop pushing so hard and instead start showing ourselves compassion, the dynamic changes and we begin to feel a truer sense of balance in life.”I hope you will be brave enough to wholesale nba jerseys accept the challenge to be you, the real you, warts and all.  That is where the true happiness is…….On an entirely different subject.  AscensionBack in 2010, I was in Salida, Colorado and started to experience some very unusual symptoms.  I was sleeping long and hard,  dreaming a lot. I would wake up feeling like I had been Look run over by a truck. Very, very tired……

Next, I started blowing out small electric items.  My mouse would die on me.  My electric wholesale nfl jerseys toothbrush would die on me.  My hairdryer would go out.  After much confusion, I figured it out.

I was being downloaded with some terrific light energy from my higher self and my body was showing the effects of it.

I SLIDE even started teaching classes in Denver and Colorado Springs on these symptoms of the Ascension or shift of human consciousness as we evolved with the New Earth.

Now, years later, I assumed my body had assimilated all these shifts of energy and everything seemed to be okay.

Well, this week, all the symptoms came back in full force.  Tiredness like I can’t remember and for no reason.  My mouse and Options my tootbrush blew today.  My computer shut down for about an hour over the weekend and remodelación then promptly started up again.

My guides have told me to drink twice as much water as I usually do, and to eat lots of protein.  I am doing that and it is getting better.

If you are having any of these symptoms, it can be tying in with the shift of the Full Moon.  Be sure to take a soaking bath in epson salt to draw any toxins that are left from this energy blast.

Just know that you are evolving in your energy consciousness and RESISTANCE your body will assimilate to make you stronger and ready for the shift in time.

Love and light to you